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Wisconsin football recruiting: Andrew James affirms Badgers commitment, Dominic Sheppard sets visit

After a brief hiatus, the recruiting notebook returns to update the Badgers' standing with some of their top targets.

Sachse, Texas, running back Devine Ozigbo.
Sachse, Texas, running back Devine Ozigbo.
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After a long lay-off of reading Wisconsin recruiting news via various tweets, texts and of course posts here on B5Q (winks and points finger guns at camera), I'm finally back posting in earnest. Like many of these youngsters, whose livelihoods could hinge on the decisions of which schools to suit up for, I too made a life-altering decision last weekend.

Since we're all Internetbros now, I'd like to bashfully admit (read: shamelessly promote) that I got married in Madison on Saturday. Bucky was there, as were kegs of Spotted Cow, Hopalicious and Bedlam!, we ate cheese curds and brats... oh man, it was awesome. Now that I got "getting married" out of the way, I can focus on what's really important in life: college football (don't get married in the fall, y'all; no one will come and those that do will be soooooo grumpy).

Checking in with...

Andrew James: There has been much consternation around these parts about James being labeled a "soft commit." The speedy Florida wide receiver committed to the Badgers in March but continued to accept offers and I'm assuming gift baskets from other schools. After visiting Madison early this week, however, James affirmed his commitment ($) to the Badgers. I mean, this is a pretty happy looking dude:

Hopefully, this quells Badger fans' fears that James would go elsewhere because for now it appears he has doubled down on Wisconsin.

Markell Jones: The three-star running back that camped at Wisconsin recently decided to go to Purdue.

Despite not offering him a scholarship, Wisconsin did all it could do to lead a wayward young man back to the righteous path. Some folks just can't be saved.

Dominic Sheppard: Continuing the momentum the Badgers have gained with the Miami linebacker prospect, word is that Sheppard has set an official visit date of October 24 for the game against Maryland. Rosin mentioned recently why we should be excited for Sheppard; teams like Notre Dame, Alabama, Miami and others also like this kid. He could be the real deal.

Devine Ozigbo: Despite having a "z" in his name (which would automatically make him a "take" for me if I were coach), Ozigbo has been impressing Wisconsin coaches with his durability and notgettingtackledility. Ozigbo has offers coming out the wazoo (most recently Vanderbilt), but says he has noticed UW's recent success in Texas ($) and while it's not rocketing Wisconsin to the front of his list, it isn't hurting, either. Boise State and the Iowa schools (not you, Northern Iowa) are the top competition for his services.

Mikell Lands-Davis: Lands-Davis set the recruiting world on fire earlier this week when he dropped this bomb:

Wait. That's not the right tweet. This bomb!

Lands-Davis is a guy we've been on for a while and he'd be a nice addition to the Wisconsin class. Running back is a position the Badgers have come up empty on so far, but fear not -- they're in on a bunch of top-end talent. Lands-Davis is a Georgia boy, so Thomas Brown has given Wisconsin an advantage it usually would not have, but Clemson, Michigan and Wake Forest are all hot on his heels. No matter whom he picks, I'm sure the fans of the other teams will react calmly and rationally on the Internet.

Quick hitters

Texas linebacker Rahn Bailey was in Madison this week and took some cool pictures with Ron Dayne:

He is one of many linebackers that Wisconsin is still interested in.

Wide receiver Gary Jennings out of Virginia named his top five and guess what? Wisconsin is in there with a bunch of ACC teams, but he hasn't decided where he'll visit yet and plans on taking a leisurely stroll ($) through his recruitment.

Athlete Titus Booker claimed he earned a Wisconsin offer after camp two weeks ago:

But sources have told Badger247 ($) that this may not be true. Either way, he named Wisconsin one of his top three choices along with Indiana and Bowling Green. He's also looking to make a commitment soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Another Georgia prospect, defensive end Gus Cumberlander, is interested in Wisconsin and put the Badgers in his top five. Hooray! Georgia Tech appears to be the heavy favorite. Boo!

Wisconsin is getting after some top 2016 talent, as well. Just this week, the Badgers offered Trayvon Mullen, the seventh-best cornerback in the country, per 247Composite. He's from Florida and is fast. Look at him save a touchdown in the third highlight here.

He came all the way across the damn field! Alabama, Clemson, LSU, Kentucky, the rest of the SEC, the rest of the ACC and the Monstars have inquired about his talents.

Check back next week for more recruiting news and I'm registered at the Culver's in Edgerton. It's the world's largest, you know.