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Wisconsin football recruiting: Catching up with the Badgers' 2015 commits; updates on Duke Shelley, Mohamed Barry

Who's coming, who's going and who's up for some #factsonly.

Tucker, Ga., cornerback Duke Shelley.
Tucker, Ga., cornerback Duke Shelley.
Student Sports

So we're now a week removed from the Summer Blockbuster Campstravaganza. Wisconsin has a class that's over half full, and with Jordan Griffin moving up his process, the Badgers could land at least one more commitment this week. Considering that UW's actually developed a recruiting class in the last three weeks, a brief look at the state of play is in order for how the Badgers are doing.

Quarterback: Same as it ever was. Austin Kafentzis is coming. James Morgan is going to Bowling Green.

Running back: No one's committed, but there's a deep class of interested prospects, so no one's too worried.

Tight end: Done, unless Richard Burney is willing to wait and see how the year shakes out. The Badgers have this pretty well handled.

Wide receiver: One has to wonder if the offer to Shaquery Wilson is a hedge against the confidence level in getting four-star prospect A.J. Alexander to come out for a visit. He's been recruited hard in the ACC and the Badgers seem to have been passed here. Not to say they can't get back in it, but a loss of momentum always makes the sensitive-souled recruiting watchers have sad feelings.

Offensive line: They've refilled the coffers of likely graduates, and if Kevin Estes comes, he's a take. Otherwise, a commitment might take until the Sept. 6 Western Illinois game.

Defensive line: Joshua Alabi is the recruit who would be an automatic take for the Badgers, but there's a potential prospect that would fill a big need at a position that's been somewhat overlooked. See, kids? That's what we in the business call a tease.

Linebackers: Go back to the last notebook. Four isn't enough; Wisconsin needs at least five.

Cornerbacks: We're still looking at two more cornerbacks here. I have a tease about Duke Shelley and you will not like it. Long story short: with Javarius Davis committing to North Carolina, some sensitive souls will lament the fact the Badgers are going to be stuck with more toolsy cornerbacks. I'll explain further... down the line.

Safety: Not a position of top priority, but you know what? It's a long time until February.

Catching up with...

Duke Shelley: You might have seen that Badger247's Evan Flood has thrown up a Crystal Ball projection to Kansas State and thought, "Wasn't he supposed to be a take for the Badgers?" Well, when there's a weird moment, it allows for those among us who are prone to make some ad hominem attacks on teenagers' academics based on speculation to, you know, make some ad hominem attacks on teenagers academics.

Not here. Here we deal in #FactsOnly. And with this case, I'm going to use my mystery box of facts. And I'm going to reach in and...

"Do not back up. Severe tire damage."


Mohamed Barry: You know that visit that he was planning on taking to Syracuse? It's been cancelled. Beyond some potential disaster, we're going to see him in Madison in about a year's time.

Ronnie Hoggins: The news with Hoggins could not come at a more convenient time. He saw other schools, we saw other cornerbacks. Now it seems like the interest is returning. The recruit with the most famous couch in recruiting, (seriously, Google it) recently named a top two between TCU and Wisconsin ($). He's probably a take right now if he commits, but there are other toolsy guys out there who fit the meme of small, quick and aggressive. T.J. Griffin is probably the top uncommitted prospect Wisconsin's after with Shelley's severe tire damage. Hoggins could get aced out.

New offers

NG Olive Sagapolu
6'3, 295 lbs.
Santa Ana (Mater Dei), Calif.

One of the bright spots of the All-Poly camp in Utah over the weekend was Sagapolu, and he earned an offer from the Badgers for his work. Eagle-eyed readers would know that Sagapolu is a high school teammate of noted recruiting assistant and four-star tight end Kyle Penniston. He also would fit in a position that seems to be of need for the Badgers, as right now, David Pfaff would be the closest thing they have to a nose tackle.

As it is, Sagapolu made a living as a junior stonewalling and shedding centers, and though we don't know the exact level of competition, he does show that all-important knee bend in his Hudl profile. Add the fact that he comes in with the size needed to play nose tackle at the next level, and you see how Sagapolu would be a good prospect. It doesn't mean the Badgers will get him, but they did give him his first offer. Plus, as we all know, Penniston's going to be doing some direct recruiting work here.

DE A.J. Epenesa
6'5, 230 lbs.
Edwardsville, Ill.

Epenesa is a young future famous person. He doesn't get to college until 2017, so one would think the Badgers got in on the ground floor, right? Maybe not. Sure, his two current leaders are Iowa and Utah. But for one thing, his dad is an Iowa graduate, and for a second, Florida State offered the same day Wisconsin did. There's no game footage, so enjoy this montage of Epenesa just blowing dudes off the ball in one-on-one pass rush drills.

New basketball offer

SG Amir Coffey
6'7, 180 lbs.
Hopkins, Minn.

Bo Ryan is looking to 2016 with this move. Coffey's a 6'7, 180-pound lefty small forward with a five-star pedigree who attended the Badger Basketball camp that was going on this week. A big camp performance has helped the Badgers get in relatively early for a prospect that has offers from Creighton, Iowa State, Minnesota, Miami and Penn State. It could be a tough pull to get this Minnetonkan prospect, but 6'7 lefty slashers with range don't grow on trees. Plus, fortune favors the bold. So I'm excited for it.