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Possible Wisconsin alternate uniform combination revealed

Wisconsin's official football Twitter account tweeted a photo on Wednesday of a previously unseen all-red uniform combination.

Finally, this offseason has brought us some news in the "not yet confirmed, but very likely" alternate uniform department. Wisconsin's official football Twitter account sent the above tweet Wednesday morning, showing a previously unseen red jersey/red pants combination on linebacker Sherard Cadogan. The helmet Cadogan is wearing is the black-striped alternate the Badgers unveiled last season, one of two along with another red helmet without the black stripe.

The team was having some sort of photo shoot, and you can check out a few other photos in @BadgerFootball's timeline. One other notable yet familiar sighting is the white jersey/red pants combination the Badgers have broken out on occasion over the past few years:

So we'll see what the equipment managers have in store for us this year. This tweet mentions "20 possible uniform combos," which obviously won't happen. The more rational expectation seems like a happy medium between "Oregon sweet" and "not the adidas uniforms we wore vs. Nebraska in 2012."