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Wisconsin football recruiting: Jordan Scarlett to visit Badgers; 4 new offers made

The Badgers are alive for some and dead for others. Plus, there are offers. Always offers.

Fort Lauderdale (St. Thomas Aquinas), Fla., running back Jordan Scarlett.
Fort Lauderdale (St. Thomas Aquinas), Fla., running back Jordan Scarlett.
Student Sports

Holidays are weird, man. They always cross me up. I suppose it's because I'm set up to work them and it's by some odd twist of fate I got Christmas Eve off this year. But why am I telling you this?

Because I wanted to give you the worst possible segue into recruiting coverage. Why else?

Catching up with...

Jordan Scarlett: I know what you're thinking. "Unless there's real news on this running back, enough already with Jordan Scarlett!" Guess what?

Scarlett's planning a visit. He might even come twice ($).

Sure, in the long run, it doesn't mean anything. But if you're reading the subtext, there are a couple of pieces that will allow you some exciting positive momentum. For one, Wisconsin is the first school that he's planning on locking down an official to. For two, he has a close relationship with Devin Gaulden and grew up with Sojourn Shelton. He still has all the major Florida schools, Ohio State and South Carolina recruiting him hard, but Wisconsin's in this race. Get excited.

Miles Boykin: Unfortunately, the Badgers are out of the race for this super-sized wideout. He named his top 10 on Tuesday and the Badgers were out. The usual suspects are there, and there's no shame in losing out to them.

Even Indiana. You know how often the Hoosiers throw the ball around?

David Edwards: One of the "fun" things about recruiting is that you will hear news that sends up a tizzy that will ultimately mean nothing. When Gabe Megginson went and committed to Illinois, the question on David Edwards was more when than if he'd follow. Turns out the Badgers kicked the tires on some tight end prospects, and they offered some in the class of 2015. But they also play other positions.

They didn't offer anyone but Edwards for tight end. And sure, the race is still between Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. But the Badgers stayed in the race when the momentum seemed to be sliding away from them, and Edwards is the guy they are devoting all their energy to. Long story short? With David Edwards, there's a hope. And a chance.

Porter Gustin: The thing you have to know about Porter Gustin is that he has a good arm. Like his fastball sits in the low 90s. He's definitely talented enough to play college baseball as a pitcher. He's definitely talented enough that college programs would offer him the opportunity to do this.

Why am I telling you this? Because Wisconsin hasn't had a baseball program since the lot of you were mere babies.

Also, because I enjoy watching you panic. Because this is the sort of "throw you into a tizzy news" that I was talking about. Gustin's athletic enough that Oregon offered him as a quarterback, and he has the cream of the Pac-12 (and basically everyone outside of the SEC) banging on his door. The Badgers want him. They want him badly.

But he's not going to pass because they don't play baseball in April.

Marques Ford: I mentioned how Marques (or as I called him back then, Marcus) Ford brought a lot to the table in terms of that all-important pass rush way back in March. Well, Ford named his named his top eight Tuesday. The Badgers were not there. C'est la vie.

Michael Weber: So I know we're all excited and looking hard at just what the heck Jordan Scarlett could do in Badger red. But Michael Weber is still in play, and he would be no consolation prize if he were to come to Madison. In fact, it might take something as simple as a well-proofread photoshopped magazine cover to gain ground in the race. Michigan and Ohio State have both been recently dinged in their pitches to Weber. It's tough out there on these recruiting streets. "I" before "e" except after "c" seems like a dumb error, but it might be where you lose ground.

The road to 300 (offers)

Are you sick of new offers? Too bad! You get more new offers. This time, there are two for 2015 and two for 2016.

Zach Abercrumbia: I don't know how much of a foothold the Badgers' offer gets them here. Reports are that the three-star Dallas (Skyline) defensive tackle is about ready to decide between TCU and Texas Tech. Not to say that hope for Abercrumbia isn't something completely dismissable; his Hudl profile shows that at 262 pounds, he plays with great power. Also, with offers from Rice, Vanderbilt and Wake Forest, academics matter in the House Abercrumbia.

Brendan Ferns: It doesn't take you more than 30 seconds to see that the hype surrounding Ferns is justified. A top-three 2016 prospect in Ohio and a top-five athlete nationally, this St. Clairsville prospect is going to be receiving many more offers than he has right now. Right now, Michigan State and West Virginia are rival offers. Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Penn State and Stanford have been kicking the tires. Expect their offers to be coming.

Jake Hausmann: The Badgers have been trying to make inroads at your finer establishments of football learning in recent seasons, and with Hausmann, they're daring to hit another. Hausmann is a 2016 tight end prospect from Moeller High School in Cincinnati. It already seems to be a three-horse race between Ohio State, Michigan and Notre Dame. There's space to gain interest, but between Ohio State and the fact Moeller can attest to that one of their head coaches went directly to coaching Notre Dame? The odds, they are long.

A closer look

CB Chuck Davis
5'9, 160 lbs.
Ashburn (Broad Run), Va.
3-star recruit3-star recruit3-star recruit

I figure the regulars to this section can guess what Davis brings to the table based on his height and position alone. They would be right: he's a small, fast attacker. In fact, the Hudl profile shows him as playing a sort of Bob Sanders intimidator role for that defense. I'm serious, click the link. Davis blew some people up as a safety. To generate that sort of force with that sort of mass, his listed 4.43-second 40-yard dash time is not an aberration of acceleration. He has an offer from North Carolina, but Indiana currently leads here.