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Wisconsin football recruiting: Finally, a reprieve from Offerpalooza

The Badgers took it easy this weekend, but we here at Bucky's 5th Quarter are always on the case. Some call us the loose cannons of the Wisconsin blogosphere and we'll never turn in our badge. This extended metaphor has gotten away from me. Let's take a look at the latest on Wisconsin's recruiting class.

Saint Paul (East Ridge), Minn., quarterback Seth Green.
Saint Paul (East Ridge), Minn., quarterback Seth Green.
Student Sports

While Wisconsin is still out recruiting (there are a couple of offers we'll get to), there was a bit of a lull this weekend in terms of offers being handed out. I think this is as good a time as any to stop and take a breath and see how far we've come.

In the past (even as recently as two years ago), being an avid follower of Wisconsin recruiting didn't mean a whole lot. We signed a bunch of big dudes from small towns in Wisconsin and other various fly-over states, as well, as the top few guys off the scrap heap in Florida and Texas that UF, FSU, Miami, Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma didn't want.

It wasn't sexy, but excellent talent development allowed the Badgers to remain relevant and competitive despite never making noise on National Signing Day. There weren't thousands of words typed every week about new offers, and there certainly weren't triweekly updates on this, or any other site.

Recent notebooks: 5/16 5/15 5/12

Things are far better now for us weirdos who get into the nitty gritty of college football recruiting. The Badgers are offering top-flight talent, and in some cases are making final cuts, and getting in on a few hat decisions! These are heady times, not only to be a Badger fan, but also a fan of the recruiting game and I think that's something that should be noted. And celebrated quietly because again, we're all kind of weirdos.

Offer List Lightning Round

Darrin Paulo: The big fella (6'5, 300+ pounds) out of Sacremento (Grant Union), California, was offered by Wisconsin, according to Adam Gorney of Rivals.

Paulo's 247 page has yet to be updated with the Badgers offer, but the three-star guard/tackle is currently ranked as 38th best in the country. He has offers from UCLA, USC and Washington State. He seems a bit under-recruited right now, but a man that size doesn't go unnoticed for long... and it's not like his offer list has Purdue and, uh, Purdue on it currently.

Seth Green (2016): The No. 6 junior dual-threat quarterback was offered by the Badgers this weekend. I've found it extremely interesting to see what kind of quarterbacks the Badgers are going after now that Gary Andersen is in charge... those with the same names as movie stars and dual-threat. Green's sophomore highlight reel is impressive. He has a cannon; like, I'm pretty sure that he's some sort of cyborg. Also like a cyborg, he has good elusiveness. Green is from St. Paul (East Ridge), Minnesota, and as such, the Gophers are currently in the (way too early) lead. He also has offers from Illinois, Iowa, Pitt and Louisville.

Related sidenote, that's the end of Offer List Lightning Round for today.

Other news

Three-star athlete Javarius Davis named a top five this weekend, and according to 247 ($) the Badgers made it. It also appears as though Davis is going to be making a decision soon.

The Jacksonville, Florida, native is looking to make a choice within the next month, sooooo fingers crossed. Louisville is another of the finalists and I wish ill on them in recruiting, because I believe in never letting go of real, or perceived, slights in college football. Especially on the recruiting trail.

Friends, running back Breck Turner and safety Cario Davison, took in the "scene" in Madison two weekends ago on a pair of unofficial visits. Neither player has an offer from Wisconsin yet, but both have a connection to the Badgers: Dareian Watkins! Watkins is friends with Turner ($) and brothers with Davison ($). Both prospects are excited to come back to Madison this summer for the Badgers' summer camp, and both hope to do enough to receive an offer from Wisconsin. Davison has interest from myriad teams, but no offers, while Turner has offers from 50 percent of the MAC (if you still count Marshall as part of the MAC).

When I'm searching things on Google and I type "Jor," it auto-completes to "Jordan Scarlett" but no, you have stupid hobbies, mom! Yeesh, how did that sneak out? Anyways, FAU commit (lulz), and current St. Thomas Aquinas student Jordan Scarlett told 247 that he plans on visiting Wisconsin this summer ($). Scarlett has been committed to the Owls for a while (since Christmas), but has continued to be recruited, quite heavily I might add, by many big-name teams. The four-star tailback also plans on visiting South Carolina, an Ohio State university and most schools in Florida (UF, Miami, FSU, UCF).

Kahlil McKenzie mentioned over the weekend that he still has some love for Wisconsin ($) despite all signs pointing to Tennessee as the victor in this battle. McKenzie is originally from the Green Bay area and he might be lured home by the chance to play in front of friends, family and Aaron Rodgers.

Things may have been quiet over the weekend recruiting-wise, but I feel like something is on the horizon... something big... something like a giant lizard that destroys cities. Ugh, I had something for this.