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Wisconsin football recruiting: We're not leaving Florida anytime soon; oh, those wacky JUCOs

So, guess how long the title's going to be for the JUCO update?

Neptune Beach, Fla., wide receiver Kalif Jackson.
Neptune Beach, Fla., wide receiver Kalif Jackson.
Student Sports

I suppose we've got to talk recruiting again. I've been working a WWE-style schedule for my day job so words have come not good for me the past couple of days, so thank heavens I have the Friday update and we can quickly move past this garbage heap of a lede.

Dropping Off The Big Board

One of these updates soon, I'm probably going to have to reconfigure the Badgers' Big Board. Drew told you Thursday that Andre James cut the Badgers from his final six. Khalil McKenzie is looking increasingly likely to follow in the footsteps of his father Reggie at Tennessee. And Thursday, we got an announcement from Jalen Christian. Conventional wisdom had him choosing South Carolina, and he did indeed follow with the wisdom.

When I do get to updating the Big Board, one of those new names that could well jump in is Porter Gustin.

OLB/DE Porter Gustin
Salem (Salem Hills), Utah
6'5, 225 pounds
4-star recruit4-star recruit4-star recruit4-star recruit

The Badgers offered Gustin on April 1. This was just before the college football world rolled up and noticed that this Gustin fellow is pretty good. There have been 10 offers in the last six weeks; I'll go in order. USC, Arizona State, Florida State, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Stanford, Oregon State, Oregon, Notre Dame and Ohio State. Yeah, his offer sheet went nuts. But the Badgers aren't on the outside looking in here. Gustin's at least interested enough to visit Madison, and if there's anything that can sell the program? It is indeed the Mad City. It just might take one play to see why Gustin's a worthy prospect.

Florida: If you don't have an offer from the Badgers, you need to step your game up, son.

In this ridiculous flurry of offers that Wisconsin has been throwing out like so many Oprah jokes of 2004 and 2005, the Badgers are looking hard at the Sunshine State. And in the past few days, the offers in Florida just kept coming. Will this be a lightning round? Mmmmmmmmmmaybe...

CeCe Jefferson: This offer might not mean more than the Badgers saying "Do you like me? Check this box." He had 32 offers before the Badgers and Michigan State offered Wednesday, including Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Notre Dame, and USC. He's a five-star prospect out of Glen Saint Mary, Florida. He played against D.J. Gillins in high school, but this is likely the last time he's mentioned here.

Tavares Martin: I'm surprised this offer's come. I mean, on talent and offer sheet, it makes sense that the Badgers would. He's quick and rangy, and he's already been offered by Auburn, Florida State, Miami, Ohio State, South Carolina and West Virginia. But -- and of course, there is a criminal process that needs to be run through before you can pillory someone for a crime -- Martin was arrested and charged with counts of burglary, theft and fraud in April.

Kalif Jackson: You want someone who could play to the strengths of Joel Stave or whomever on the goal line? You're looking at Jackson, who comes in listed at 6'5. This prospect does profile with that whole "throw it to the tall guy and see if he can get it," as shown in his Hudl profile here. He was a dominant force as a junior at Duncan Fletcher school in Neptune Beach, and while he does have a high-quantity offer list, Cincinnati, Georgia Tech, Duke, Louisville and Missouri would be the Badgers' main rivals.

The Five Thursday Offers in Tallahassee: The Badgers are adding to the run from St. Thomas Aquinas and Daytona Beach by throwing a literal handful of offers out in Tallahassee. At Godby High there was a trio: Jaylin Hayward (who as a small, fast guy would be likely considered a cornerback target), Marcus Holton (another cornerback whose third best offer belongs to Troy) and Brendan Loftus, (a rangy 6'6 offensive tackle and has a Hudl profile that shows good pulling skills). His best offers are from Cincinnati, Miami, Kentucky, Missouri, Ole Miss and TCU, but if Auburn or Florida State offers, it's probably over.

But the Badgers' time in Florida's capital was not over. They visited North Christian High School and offered two prospects: Christian Philpott (he's a state-champion track star at the 200-meter dash, so the listed 40-time is probably something of a misnomer) and a rising 2016 prospect in Korey Charles (who currently lists LSU as a favorite, so... it would probably take a win in Houston Aug. 30 to get in this race).

Tim Irvin: "Someone named Irvin from Miami. He related to Michael?"

Yes, the four-star Westminster Christian prospect from Miami is related to Michael Irvin. But he has the athleticism to make his own way. He has that sort of pinball running style that makes him a threat to score every time he touches the ball. He also has the hands to get work out of the passing game. But listed at 5'9, there is the possibility the Badgers would dare ask him to defend.

But... he's got a pretty swell highlight reel to him.

Yeah. Tim Irvin's good. He just might be worth the battle if the Badgers could get some traction in. That being said, the Badgers have to beat out Alabama, LSU and Miami, They've all offered. Why get your hopes up? Because who wants to be well-liked on the internet?

The Class of 2016: Florida Edition

I know, you might be sick of talk about that place best known for "America's Dumbest Criminals." But there's another crop of prospects beyond 2015 that we've offered. I mean, I threw in Korey Charles on the 2015 class, but 2016! We are rising up like some [insert future presidential candidate who came from nowhere] in the Sunshine State!

Visiting Gulliver Prep: The Badgers made one of their rare 2017 offers to running back Robert Burns. Then they doubled back and threw in for an intriguing outside linebacker in Charles Callender (who's already offered by Clemson and West Virginia). But they didn't stop there, adding in another offer to receiver Dontay Mayfield (6'1 with a 4.4-second 40-time, and the Badgers are the best offer he's received so far (no offense to Cincinnati).

Maybe the Badgers grab one, maybe they lay the ground work for Burns, but it's a long way between now and National Signing Day.

Anthony Gaiter IV: In a world where Tim Irvin exists, Gaiter may be put onto the backburner -- though they are similar prospects. Gaiter has a similar skill set, but in a twist, hie offer sheet is nowhere near voluminous yet (Temple, UCF and USF are the other current D1 offers). He could well explode going into his senior year, but this Westminster Christian prospect bears watching.

Binjimen Victor: Hey, look! It's a tall wide receiver! Victor's a 6'4 prospect from Coconut Creek with room to grow and the ability to go up and get that pass from a quarterback who may waver in accuracy (which has never been a problem in Madison). He's also developed a pretty studly offer list along the way. I mean, Miami was his first offer, and then he added Clemson, Louisville, Ohio State and West Virginia to the proceedings. Again, too early for a feeling, as his process has just started. But he's interesting.

Malek Young: He's a high school mate of Victor's, but he's looking like he could be a perfect cornerback for the Badgers. He's small. He's quick. Will he make plays for the Badgers? Maybe. With offers from Clemson, Louisville, Miami and West Virginia, he has good programs after him. He definitely also has the upside to be great.

Now, a thank you note to Drew Hamm for not noticing this piece of news. Why? Because it's time for...

"Dude, are we serious about grabbing junior college players because we cannot seem to have one gosh darn recruitment go without a hitch and I don't want you to say but Serge Trezy's did because right now he's the exception that proves the rule that there is no way possible for the Badgers to recruit a Junior College Prospect with any sort of smoothness in the process between the offer and day one as a prospect!"

It took an eagle-eye or a forum subscription to notice this, but the Badgers had their sixth commitment on Tuesday. That's right, Troy Jeter, cornerback from your ASA (Brooklyn) Avengers had his coach announce that he was about to become a Badger.

Hooray, right? We've got ourselves a cornerback with the stealth capabilities that only a Milford Man can provide. Right?


Well... it seems as if we have ourselves a Cornelius Sturghill situation afoot. Not the thing where Louisville absconds with him because they're going to offer him a chance to play offense (if that happens to anyone, it's going to be Tim Cook). But according to 247 Sports' Evan Flood, it seems like Jeter jumped the gun on coming to Madison. This doesn't mean he's out. After all, Sturghill was a Badger until offense came into the picture.

But it does mean that if i's don't get dotted in the next few days, the Class of 2014 looks pretty well set, and the Badgers doing the JUCO will come up empty one more time.