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Wisconsin football, basketball post strong 2012-13 APR scores

The NCAA has released its 2012-13 report on Academic Progress Rates, and once again Wisconsin's teams rank highly.


The NCAA released its 2012-13 Academic Progress Rates report Wednesday, and once again Wisconsin's athletic teams performed admirably.

UW's football team ranks second to only Northwestern in the Big Ten, posting a multi-year rate of 989. That's a four-point increase from last year's report, and seventh-highest among all NCAA football teams.

Wisconsin's men's basketball team finished seventh in the Big Ten with a multi-year rate of 975, a five-point decrease from last year.

The NCAA uses APR scores to keep student-athletes accountable for their academic performance. Athletic programs are rewarded for keeping their students enrolled and academically eligible, and docked whenever the opposite occurs. Here are the latest APR standards outlined by the NCAA:

Beginning with 2012-13 championships, teams must earn a minimum 900 four-year APR or a 930 average over the most recent two years to be eligible to participate. For 2014-15 championships, teams must earn a 930 four-year average APR or a 940 average over the most recent two years to participate in championships. In 2015-16 and beyond, teams must earn a four-year APR of 930 to compete in championships.

Twelve NCAA teams were handed severe penalties for not meeting the aforementioned thresholds, including FBS schools Idaho, Oklahoma State and UNLV.

Women's Tennis 1000
Women's Golf 1000
Men's Cross Country 1000 +6
Women's Track, Indoor 996 +4
Women's Cross Country 996 +9
Women's Track, Outdoor 994 +4
Women's Ice Hockey 992 -3
Softball 992 +20
Women's Swimming 991 -1
Football 989 +4
Women's Rowing 988 +2
Women's Soccer 987
Women's Basketball 986 -5
Women's Volleyball 985
Men's Track, Outdoor 983 +9
Men's Soccer 981 +2
Men's Ice Hockey 981 +4
Men's Track, Indoor 979 +8
Men's Golf 976 +8
Men's Basketball 975 -5
Men's Wrestling 970 +6
Men's Tennis 968 +22
Men's Swimming 961 -7