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2014 NCAA Tournament: Ben Brust closing Wisconsin career in style

As the sharpshooter's Wisconsin career winds to a close, Ben Brust is happy he was able to bring another Final Four to Madison.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

MADISON -- Ben Brust's face lit up as he addressed the Kohl Center crowd at Sunday afternoon's welcome-home party for the Badgers. UW's senior guard ran through the final play of Wisconsin's 64-63 win over Arizona in Saturday night's Elite Eight game in Anaheim, Calif.

"Well, luckily for me, I had a pretty good view," Brust said of the Wildcats' last play, a jumper by Nick Johnson that went off after the clock had expired anyway. "My guy didn't go get it, and I saw that [Traevon] Jackson had it. [Johnson] took some dribbles and the ball was in his hand when that buzzer struck, so I didn't even look at the shot."

"I just went and celebrated with my teammates. It was an amazing moment."

Brust later joked that carrying around the West Regional Finals Championship trophy was giving him an arm workout, making up for all of the missed exercise due to the Badgers' busy game schedule over the last two weeks.

"We are taking this kind of as little tournaments," he said. "We won tournament one in Milwaukee, we've won tournament two in Anaheim, and now we have tournament three out there in Dallas."

"If we have Kentucky, it will be just like everything else in this tournament where you play a team you don't know much about," Brust said. "Either way, we will be prepared."

Brust concluded by saying Saturday's win was the highlight of the tournament, especially since he has never won a championship and been able to cut down a net.

"It's very special being a senior and being the first class to get [Ryan] to the Final Four," Brust said. "Me, Zach [Bohannon], Frank [Kaminsky] and Josh [Gasser] went out to Philadelphia for coach's dad's funeral. I just learned a lot about how much of a star Butch was at the Final Four.

"For coach Ryan to get there on what would have been Butch's 90th birthday was very cool."