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2014 NCAA Tournament: Live updates for Wisconsin vs. American

Well, that was a lot of fun. Let's do it again Saturday, eh? Time TBA.

Since Wisconsin got the Milwaukee seeding we all hoped for, we were able to send Parker to the Bradley Center for this round of games, at least. Follow him at @pgabriel15, and also check out our tweets below.

Here's his recap of Thursday's tournament opener, which started slow but ended up being a whole lotta fun for Badgers fans.

What looked like it was going to be a competitive game turned into a rout over a 13:45 period in the second half where American did not make a field goal.

The final second half numbers: Wisconsin racked up 43 points on 15-of-26 shooting (57.7 percent) overall and 7-of-14 (50 percent) from three point range while the Eagles managed just 13 points on 3-of-19 shooting. The Badgers took away any semblance of rhythm American had in their backcut-heavy ‘Princeton' offense.

"They run that 200 or 300 days a year, so they've got it down pretty crisp and [they run it] pretty fast," Brust said. "Once we settled in and figured out what was going on, we did a good job."