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Wisconsin spring football: 5 questions about running backs

Is this Melvin Gordon's Heisman year? Just how much opportunity will Taiwan Deal get? Will my inherent belief that Joel Stave keeps his job make this post irrelevant quickly? All this and more.

Spoiler alert: Melvin Gordon's going to be good.
Spoiler alert: Melvin Gordon's going to be good.
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

So I made you talk about Joel Stave again. And while I'm not sorry, we're going to talk about something fun. I'm not always out to troll you. We're going to talk about the running game, and dream about just how awesome Melvin Gordon is going to be this year.

1. Do the Badgers score 35.5 rushing touchdowns as a team?

Over -120
Under +150

The Badgers combined to get to 35 touchdowns last season. That's a good number; it tied them for 15th nationally. Beating that in 2014 would make a great season, but the Badgers have a veteran offensive line and two great talents at running back. Add to that questions in the receiving game, the outside shot a mobile quarterback takes the job away from Stave and the upside of Taiwan Deal as the tired defense hammer? That number could well be beaten.

2. Who leads the Badgers in rushing?

Gordon: 65 percent
Corey Clement: 34 percent
Deal: 1 percent

It's simple: Gordon is likely going to end the year with more carries than Clement (unlike last year where James White had 15 more attempts). Gordon is more of a home-run threat than Clement. Clement's a fantastic running back, and one you will have to game plan for, but that's just going to make more home runs for Gordon.

3. Who leads the Badgers in touchdowns?

Gordon: 50 percent
Clement: 45 percent
Deal: 5 percent

Corey Clement for Heisman is a thing for the future. But that being said, the power element of his game allows for a vulture element along the goal line. White ended up beating Gordon for the touchdown lead last season, and Clement runs with a lot more power. He could threaten 20 touchdowns.

4. How many yards will Taiwan Deal bludgeon a tired defense for?

Over 499.5: +200
Under 499.5: -100

There's going to be a subtle difference to what Deal gets over Clement. The second-team quarterback has a real chance to be mobile. That will vulture some yardage and touchdowns off of the third string. Not to say Deal is going to be unimpressive, but 400 yards and five touchdowns feels more likely.

5. Will Melvin Gordon go to New York?

Yes: +150
No: -120

The good news is we're going to find out quickly. If he does well against LSU, Wisconsin's schedule becomes ridiculously soft. Northwestern's the next toughest road game. So basically, if Gordon gets to 100 yards against LSU and manages to stay healthy, he's going to New York. Will he win?

Please. We all know he's going to win.