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Wisconsin football attendance dipped slightly in 2013

The NCAA released its annual football attendance report Tuesday, and Wisconsin's numbers showed a mild dip largely endemic throughout the sport as a whole.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Per the NCAA's report, Wisconsin ranked 17th among FBS teams with 552,378 fans coming through the Camp Randall Stadium gates over the course of seven home games. That's an average of 78,911 per game in a stadium with a maximum listed capacity of 80,321.

Those numbers, which slot Wisconsin just behind Notre Dame (only in average, not total attendance) and ahead of Florida State. They are, however, slightly down from 2012's total of 560,039 and average of 80,006. College football attendance in general is struggling, and we've been hearing seemingly forever just how bad NFL ticket sales are since it's cold and people have nice TVs instead. So this is probably about average.

Overall, FBS teams drew 35,340,049 fans, up 1,028,023 from last year. On average, 45,192 fans attended game, an increase of 222 per contest. Neutral site attendance and bowl attendance (totals) both fell.

Wisconsin's figures rank it behind Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State and Nebraska among Big Ten schools. Factoring in road and neutral-site games in addition to home games, Wisconsin still ranks 17th at 951,252 fans over the course of 13 games. That places them just behind Oklahoma and sizably ahead of Notre Dame.

The report also includes Division III schools, so we can see UW-Whitewater ranks third with an average of 5,063 fans drawn per game. Among Division III conferences, the Wisconsin Intercollegiate ranks third with an average of 2,953.