Fire Mike Eaves...iPetition

A petition has been created for all University of Wisconsin Men's Hockey Fans, Alumni, and Boosters to collectively voice our displeasure and strong desire for UW's Athletic Administration to remove Mike Eaves from his head coaching duties.

The petition is not in reaction to the Badgers 1-10-1 start, the worst since 1932-33, or the fact they rank 57th out of 59 Men’s Division I hockey teams in USCHO’s Ratings Percentage Index at time of submission. This petition is a result of Mike Eaves inability to consistently win over his 13 years and the realization that our storied program has become an embarrassment to the university, and the laughing stock of college hockey.

The petition is the chance for EVERYONE in the Badger community to sign their name on the dotted line, and enable your voice to be heard by the UW Athletic Department leadership. Please forward this to anyone and everyone you think wants to take the required first step to once again see a sold out Kohl Center, have banners raised on a consistent manner and produce a Badger Men’s Hockey program that’s’ admired by players and fans globally.

Please review and sign the petition at



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