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Report: Defensive coordinator Dave Aranda not going to Oregon State; likely to stay at Wisconsin

You guys! You guys!


One of the big questions that popped up when the Wisconsin Badgers lost their coach to Oregon State was going to be the question of which assistants would leave as well. Most would have assumed that the first call was going to be defensive coordinator, and architect of a defense that held together for most of the year despite having to replace the entirety of the front seven, Dave Aranda. But there were always rumblings that Aranda wasn't a lock for Corvallis.

Today, it turns out Gary Andersen is likely going after a new defensive coordinator.

So this leaves the maintenance on Paul Chryst. His preference is to run a 4-3 defense, but that doesn't mean he's going to be a barrier for the Badgers. Aranda's defense when he ran it at Hawaii was a 4-3, and he switched it up for Andersen when he went to Utah State. Of course, whatever defense the Badgers run in 2015 would probably be based more on personnel then personal privilege. So watch this space.