Report: Wisconsin, Oregon State, others pursuing Dave Aranda


This report from isn't necessarily surprising, but as things with Paul Chryst remain mostly quiet and unchanged (at least until Wednesday, when Wisconsin can officially offer him the job), defensive coordinator Dave Aranda becomes the next most intriguing piece of this puzzle.

Would Paul Chryst share Barry Alvarez's interest in keeping Aranda in Madison, despite Chryst's history of running a 4-3 while Aranda has spent the last two years implementing a successful 3-4 at Wisconsin? Would Aranda follow Andersen's steps in making a lateral-at-best move to Oregon State? Or could someone like a North Carolina, Texas Tech or Mississippi State come calling for Aranda, being among teams currently in need of a defensive coordinator?

Those are the questions. The answers? Hopefully we're only a day away from finding out more.