Wisconsin football coach salaries revealed by USA Today


USA TODAY released its latest database of college football assistant coach salaries, and you'll have to scroll a while to find Wisconsin's. Offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig and defensive coordinator Dave Aranda both check in at No. 77 at $480,000, while offensive line coach T.J. Woods is No. 315 at $250,000, safeties coach Bill Busch and tight ends coach/special teams coordinator Jeff Genyk are No. 387 at $220,000.

Defensive line coach Chad Kauha'aha'a is No. 418 at $205,000, wide receivers coach Chris Beatty is No. 449 at $200,000, running backs coach Thomas Brown is No. 518 at $173,600 and cornerbacks coach Ben Strickland is No. 605 at $140,000.