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Indiana beer review: Three Floyds, People's, Lafayette Brewing

I know it will be a struggle, but join me in waking up for another 11 a.m. kickoff with some prime Indiana brews.

Scott Mioduszewski

The Wisconsin Badgers have been clicking on all cylinders -- well, almost all cylinders (the passing game is just an engine sitting in your front lawn all rusted over) -- these last two weeks. I can't help but think these expert beer selections have helped to bolster the defensive line and running game to their current heights.

This week, we delve into the depths of Indiana beer! With no matchup against IU on the docket for this season, West Lafayette will have to satiate our demand for beer from the Hoosier state. Despite its decidedly non-world-class status, the state of Indiana contains a world-class brewery in a sleepy Munster office park. Three Floyds Brewing Company is one of the highest-rated breweries in the world on Beer Advocate and brews such classics as Alpha King, Gumballhead, Robert the Bruce and one of the most sought after IPAs in the world, Zombie Dust.

If you are travelling to the game, Three Floyds is just off I-94 once you pass from Illinois into Indiana. I suggest stopping by and picking up some of whatever they're selling. They have bombers that they only release at the taproom and sometimes have cases of Zombie Dust for sale. If you can get your hands on their fall seasonal Blot Out The Sun, their hoppy Imperial Stout, I would do so. It is chocolately, vanillay and overall delicious. It is also named after a quote from C. Montgomery Burns, "Since the dawn of time it has been mankind's dream to blot out the sun." You name your beer after a Simpsons line and I will promote it on a Wisconsin-centric sports blog, I guarantee it.

Three Floyds is also distributed in Wisconsin, so those of you "enjoying" the Purdue game from the comfort of your couch in Madison can still head on over to Riley's or Steve's or Woodmans and pick up some Floyds for your morning beer needs. However, if you're in West Lafayette, there are a couple of local options for you to decide between. The two breweries in town are People's Brewing Company and Lafayette Brewing Company. Because I live a blessed life, I have never found myself on Purdue's campus, but Hammer and Rails has the inside info for any visiting Badgers fans. He advises starting with People's.

And while you might think that pumpkin season is over because Halloween was last weekend, you would be wrong! People's still has their pumpkin ale on tap and it comes highly recommended.

A brief perusal of Lafayette's website tells me that they brew upwards of 50 different beers a year. They also have something on their menu called Bavarian Beer Nuggets. They are deep fried balls of spicy sausage, sauerkraut and cream cheese with horseradish sauce on the side and holy crap I need to have these right now! I would suggest trying out the Piper's Pride Scotch Ale with your Beer Nuggets. Scotch ales are an underappreciated style of beer, and the normal smoky finish of Scotch ales will please anyone on this chilly weekend.

This game shouldn't be too close, but if you've been following Purdue's games this year, you'll know that they are thisclose to ruining someone's season. The Badgers are flying high right now, but can't be overlooking the Boilers if they want to make it back to Indiana at the end of the season.