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Melvin Gordon breaks single-game FBS rushing record

Melvin Gordon broke the FBS single-game rushing record in three quarters. How's that for a Heisman moment?

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

To think this was going to happen in the first quarter seemed impossible. Melvin Gordon lost two fumbles, the Wisconsin Badgers were trailing 17-3 and it looked like Nebraska was finally going to get revenge for Wisconsin's propensity to score on the Huskers. But that changed, and changed quickly.

Gordon broke the Badgers' single-game record with a 68-yard run midway through the third quarter with a burst through the crease and brought the ball to the Nebraska 6-yard line. A touchdown on the next play brought him within 38 yards of breaking the FBS record, 406 yards by TCU's LaDanian Tomlinson on Nov. 20, 1999 vs. UTEP.

When Gordon burst through the line for a 26-yard touchdown to end the third quarter? He etched his name into the record books.

melvin gordon record gif

The Badgers currently lead the Huskers 52-17, so there might be more time and opportunity for Gordon to further distance himself with the record. But today, we've seen the single greatest performance by a Badger running back in a rather strong recent history.