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GAME THREAD: Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Wisconsin Badgers

Here we go -- Wisconsin vs. Nebraska for major positioning in the Big Ten West.

Michael Hickey

Here we go -- Wisconsin vs. Nebraska for all the Big Ten West marbles. At least, for however many Big Ten West marbles are up for grabs in mid-November.

As you probably know, the Big Ten West currently looks like this:

Conference Overall
Nebraska 4-1 182 96 8-1 364 177 W3
Minnesota 4-1 168 111 7-2 276 192 W1
Wisconsin 4-1 175 71 7-2 331 129 W4
Iowa 3-2 162 135 6-3 251 211 L1
Northwestern 2-4 99 140 3-6 162 201 L4
Illinois 1-4 111 200 4-5 242 330 L1
Purdue 1-5 147 204 3-7 256 319 L4

With two games remaining after today, whomever wins this game gets a major leg up. Minnesota played Ohio State today; Wisconsin's final two games are against Iowa (road, next weekend) and the Gophers (home, Nov. 29). Nebraska plays Minnesota next week (home) before closing against Iowa (road, Nov. 28). Minnesota, as you probably put together, plays at Nebraska and Wisconsin.

So what are y'all thinking for the game? It's on ABC today, with Sean McDonough, Chris Spielman and Todd McShay on the call. Wisconsin is a 4-to-6-point favorite, depending on where you look.

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