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Nebraska beer review: Nebraska Brewing, Zipline

This is a great weekend to be in Madison. Basketball opener and Nebraska football game. I bet you'd like to drink some beers before, during and after these events, right?!?!?

Nebraska is a state I don't know much about, admittedly. One time in college my buddies and I road-tripped from Madison to Colorado Springs for a hockey series, and drove the entire length of Nebraska, AND I HATED IT! It was dark, boring and dark and boring. Despite this, I was willing to give Nebraska a second chance and I asked Corn Nation for some help regarding Nebraska breweries.

Now, I don't want to say that Nebraska fans were excited to tell me about the breweries in their state, but I got just over one million (give or take 999,985) responses from Husker fans.

There are two breweries I have for you today, one that I've tried (and you can get in Madison) and one that every Husker fan mentioned on Twitter. Huzzah for new beers!

Nebraska Brewing Company is available in Wisconsin, and Japan awesomely enough, and is worth checking out for your tailgate tomorrow. Predictably, my favorite beer from Nebraska Brewing is the artist formerly known as Hop God. Now called HopAnomaly, this citrusy hop bomb is inspired by West Coast IPAs. They also have a chardonnay barrel aged version that is exquisite, but isn't ideal for tailgating. Seeing as it comes in an enormous bottle and costs over $20. Do you know how many cases of Keystone Light you can get for $20? Like, six! They also make a killer pumpkin ale, which if you are still in the mood for pumpkin beer you should see if area liquor stores have any left.

The brewery that Husker fans seem to swear by is Zipline Brewing. I have yet to try any beers from them, but hope to stop by next year when the Badgers travel to Lincoln. Their India Red Ale looks like everything I've ever wanted in a beer and their fall seasonal Nut Brown will allow you to brave the frigid temperatures of Nebraska in November.

Sorry that this week's beer preview is a bit on the short side, gang. Unlike games against Rutgers or Minnesota, playing Nebraska doesn't really need any additional hype. Have a great weekend watching Badger sports (and the Eagles kicking the Packers teeth in, WOOOOOOOOOOO I'LL BE AT LAMBEAU YOU ALL SUCK GO BIRDS!) and stop by the roof of the Engineering Drive parking ramp tomorrow morning if you want to tell me why you think Aaron Rodgers is better than Mark Sanchez. I'm not ready to believe you, but I'll listen to arguments.