I Hate You

Yes, you. I hate you. A whole lot. I hate you because this particular corner of the internet is dedicated to the Badger faithful, and you're more than welcome here. I hate you because dissent is the cornerstone of good discussion, and the more diverse the viewpoints the better off we all are. I hate you because I want you to speak your piece. I want you to contribute your opinion and enrich the experience that keeps us all coming here.

But then you opened your damn mouth. For some of you, it was when you decided to end your lurking, create a profile, and make your first post. For some of you, you're our resident concern trolls. Either way, I swear the only sports you're familiar with are the ones you play on Xbox. I hate you because you don't understand that criticizing an individual play call is an exercise in futility, because if it had worked (and yes, it always could have worked) then the play-caller is a genius. I hate you because I'm fairly certain you don't know how offenses work, that the quarterback isn't the only person involved in the passing game, and that the gameplan at the end of a game isn't necessarily the same as at the beginning. I hate you because you all pine for the days of yore, though I'm fairly certain that the days of yore in your mind are vague notions of dominance coupled with hackneyed stereotypes with a reckless disregard for the truth.

But those of you that I hate the most are the ones that have me arguing in circles. I have to bash McEvoy in one breath and defend his skill set in the next. I have to write Fanposts about how much I hate Ludwig, then I have to double back on myself. And sometimes, when you really, truly grind my gears, you make a cogent, well-reasoned argument. One that deserves nothing less than a thorough, fair, and equally well-reasoned counterpoint. You, with all of your illogic and poorly reasoned assumptions, you occasionally make a halfway reasonable point, and your unsound reasoning makes it all the harder to disprove your strange assumptions.

But mostly, I hate you because you are the manifestation of our worst fears. You, with your bizarro-world Badgers, where the hopeless chasm of an upset has swallowed us whole. You are where hope goes to die a thousand deaths. And I thank you for that. I am enthralled by your boundless pessimism. I know that you're only here for a short time. Like a shooting star, the fire of your crazed criticisms will die off soon enough. But in the meantime I will enjoy your insanity. Your misguided passion is one of the things that make college football great. You are our own personal crazy, and I fully embrace my hate for you. So welcome. Feel free to create a profile and stick around for as long as the adversity lasts.

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