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Wisconsin Badgers news: Tanner McEvoy, Joel Stave co-listed at QB; Gary Andersen confident in offense

Gary Andersen cast an optimistic tone in a Monday press conference full of surprising and intriguing updates.

David Banks

As we discussed in this afternoon's Week 7 depth chart post, Gary Andersen had a quite a few topics facing him for his weekly Monday press conference. Now that his turn at the mic has come and gone, it's safe to say that was indeed correct.

Here's a rundown of every topic Andersen hit on, via tweets from @B5Q and beat reporters in Madison. We'll follow with more in-depth stories later Monday and throughout the week.

Back to a two-quarterback system

Yes, Wisconsin's first-team quarterback slot on the depth chart is occupied by "Tanner McEvoy or Joel Stave." That puts the Badgers right back where they were before the Aug. 30 opener vs. LSU, with everyone wondering how in the world both quarterbacks would get onto the field. Of course, I recall a bit more optimism permeating those discussions...

Monday, Andersen asserted that, at this point, UW's offense will benefit most from having both McEvoy and Stave contribute. He also said Wisconsin's overall offense won't change much with either QB on the field, which is kinda weird. He also said that McEvoy and Stave could both take the field together, presumably with Stave under center and McEvoy split out wide as a receiving option. Of course, you'll remember McEvoy came to Wisconsin as a highly touted dual-threat receiver before switching to receiver after he was beat out at quarterback by Stave and Curt Phillips, and then to wide receiver, and then to safety (where he was actually pretty good) and then back to quarterback this offseason.

Buckle up, friends. Wisconsin's offense won't be getting "boring" anytime soon. It might also not be getting much better anytime soon.

Do it, coach!

McEvoy could play receiver again

The young QBs

Sorry, Houston/Gillins fanboys/girls. Barring injury, Houston was never going to see the field this season. Gillins was also assuredly bound to the sideline.

Rest of the offense


Help us, Melvin Gordon. You're our only hope.

Injury update