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The Melvin Gordon Experience: 50-yard touchdown against Bowling Green

Did you know the Kenosha, Wis. native has 15 runs that have gone over 20-plus yards? This new series breaks down his eight runs that have gone for 40-plus yards, and we're starting off with a run that showcased great blocking and the speed and strength of MGIII.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

What more can be said about junior running back Melvin Gordon? He's the fastest UW running back to gain 1,000 in his career (104 attempts -- ONE HUNDRED FOUR ATTEMPTS!), has made midseason All-American lists from,, and Phil Steele, and his per game average (174.3) alone would put him at 58th -- out of ALL the FBS teams.

Here's a quick breakdown of Melvin Gordon's runs, all of which lead the nation:

  • 15 runs of 20-plus yards
  • 10 runs of 30-plus yards
  • 8 runs of 40-plus yards
  • 5 runs of 50-plus yards
Our new series, "The Melvin Gordon Experience", chronicles the eight (as of the current publishing date) runs Gordon has had of at least 40-plus yards. Today, we start off with one of Gordon's explosive runs against the Bowling Green Falcons. Gordon rushed for a then career-high 253 yards on 13 carries and five touchdowns on the day, as the Wisconsin Badgers as a team ran for a modern day Big Ten Conference record 644 yards on the afternoon en route to a 68-17 victory.

Gordon's 50-yard touchdown run: 2nd quarter, 2nd-and-11 from midfield

Early in the second quarter, the Badgers were up 21-10 and just took the ball back after a Lubern Figaro interception deep in the red zone off of a deflected James Knapke pass. Up until this point in the game, Bowling Green continued to threaten Wisconsin with its Baylor-esque spread attack, and the timely turnover turned the tide (ALLITERATION, PEOPLE!) back in the Badgers' favor for good.

Looking right after the snap, Wisconsin's lined up in an I-formation, 21 personnel -- two running backs and one tight end -- with a twins left look from their two wide receivers, Alex Erickson and Kenzel Doe.

MGIII 50-yard TD post-snap

The Falcons stack about seven guys towards the line of scrimmage. Based off of what is seen above, this appears to be a package play -- meaning there's multiple options for the offense to go within one play. At the top of the screen, Doe plays it off like he's waiting for a bubble screen with Erickson blocking down on the defensive back, who's actually running towards Doe. That actually takes the defender out of the play -- his back's turned away from the action -- as he has no clue Gordon's getting the carry.

It's a zone-blocking play, and you notice senior guard Dallas Lewallen (73) get to the second level, which is key to spring any running back to the second level and beyond. Ramesh lead blocks and takes on his defender, which he actually pancakes and helps spring Gordon. Each Wisconsin blocker puts a helmet on a defender, and there's no free Falcons' defensive player to make a tackle within at least 10 yards of the Heisman hopeful.

MGIII 50-yard TD post-snap 2

Gordon gets to the third level, and has to beat two defenders -- one to his left and one to his right -- to break to daylight. The deep safety leans one way, which makes him out of place as Gordon jukes him. All that's left is one more defender to outrun...

MGIII 50-yd TD run 3

...and there's the stiff arm.

MGII 50-yard TD Stiff arm

From there, it's not even close. Gordon sprints the rest of the way for the touchdown -- his second of five on the day -- and helps Wisconsin ultimately begin the blowout for a 27-10 lead.