Drones keep popping up at college football games


"The suspect is described as white with four small propellers and a GoPro camera. Was last seen Saturday afternoon hovering high above thousands of jumping college students at Camp Randall Stadium."

This craziness with drones and college football must be stopped. As the Wisconsin State Journal reports, UW-Madison police are working with federal aviation officials to figure out who in the heck flew a drone over Camp Randall Stadium during Saturday's game vs. Illinois. Naturally, nobody really saw the drone because UW athletics officials believe it flew over the stadium during Jump Around. Similar things have happened in football games throughout the Midwest this season; most hilariously, Michigan wanted to drone-deliver the game ball before its Sept. 20 game vs. Utah, but was denied permission by the FAA.

Oddly enough, the WSJ photographer who snapped the photo in this story is the only one with documented evidence of the drone. Pretty suspicious. Perhaps Kirk Ferentz is just getting in some advance scouting for Iowa?