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GAME THREAD: Northwestern Wildcats vs. No 14 Wisconsin Badgers

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After picking up a win over Purdue, can Wisconsin compile another winning streak?

Graphic: Phil Mitten

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Three keys to victory:

1. Limit the touches of Alex Olah

Northwestern's big man had a career night in the first matchup between these teams, scoring 23 points on 10-of-14 shooting. Many of his post touches were way too easy, and when Olah gets those easy touches in the paint, he's actually a solid distributor of the basketball when he doesn't look to score.

2. Knock down the triple

In all honesty, this game is the one time this year I'll be OK with Wisconsin letting it fly any time there is a three-pointer open. Plain and simple, the Badgers have to be hitting from the outside against Ohio State this weekend, so they should use Wednesday night like an open gym. The Buckeyes are superb defensively, and in order to get easy buckets Saturday against their rugged defense, the Badgers will have to stretch out the floor by knocking down jumpers from the outside.

3. Show up, then get ready for OSU

As it was back on Jan. 2, my final key is a bit of a cop-out. But in all seriousness, Badger Nation understands and recognizes that this game should be a gimme.

Wisconsin knows that a Big Ten title is still a possibility, and I expect the Badgers to approach every game with an edge from here on out. There won't be any let-up in that mindset simply because a bad basketball team visits town.