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NCAA Tournament 2014: Final Four preview, CBS' Clark Kellogg, Jon Leuer

Where was Jon Leuer watching the Elite Eight game between the Badgers and the Arizona Wildcats? Does Clark Kellogg predict Wisconsin advancing against Kentucky? Listen in!

Tom Pennington

At the three-minute mark, former Wisconsin forward Jon Leuer talks about what makes this year's Badgers team different from others, and what his Memphis Grizzlies need to do to stay in the NBA Playoff race in the tough Western Conference.

From the 14-minute mark to the 35-minute mark, we welcome on B5Q's own Mike Fiammetta and Nick Korger to preview the Badgers' Final Four match-up. They discuss where we all were when the Badgers won against Arizona, what problems Kentucky poses against Wisconsin and our predictions for this weekend's games.

CBS's Clark Kellogg joins us around the 37-minute mark to talk about the Capital One Cup, the big weekend ahead in North Texas and how Wisconsin can exploit the athletic but youthful Wildcats. Does he have Wisconsin advancing to the championship game? A great eight-minute conversation.