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Wisconsin football schedule: The lack of adversity is just fine

We're supposed to temper our expectations because Wisconsin faced a weak two-game slate, but what's the fun in that?

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A popular refrain was sung in snarky pockets across Big Ten country in the wake of Wisconsin's win against Tennessee Tech. It went: "Yeah they pitched two straight shutouts, yeah Joel Stave looks like quarterback, yeah Melvin Gordon is an antsy cheetah with cloaking capabilities, BUT."

We're supposed to feel badly because Wisconsin's two dominant wins came against two relatively awful opponents. Or at least, we have to pretend we're not happy because Wisconsin hasn't proven themselves in the face of adversity. It's true that Wisconsin's opening slate was soft, but to hell with clandestine revelry. Fans should be free to enjoy their team's success without first-world guilt. Take Gary Andersen's word for it:

"I'd prefer to win going away every single time and deal with adversity when it comes our way," he said. "We talk about adversity all the time. It's something we believe we're prepared for. How we're going to handle it when it comes our way, we'll see."

If fans are hankering to take a few years off their lives, Saturday's game against Arizona State should be a prime opportunity. A wild defense and an up-tempo offense are nothing to trifle with, especially at night in a stadium packed with drunk and sexy coeds two times zones over. Wisconsin opened the week as 5.5-point underdogs for good reason. A one-score game should quench the thirst of the basest adversity craver.

But that's a whole other bridge to cross five days from now. We'll be here to talk about what that bridge looks like as it approaches, what it's like while crossing. Meanwhile, there is no need to stress about the amble up to Saturday when there are so many good things to talk about. Let's enjoy the hell out of this team until there is a reason not to (note: there never is a reason not too, it's football fercryin' out loud).

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