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Ask B5Q: Joel Stave, Uniforms and the Camp Randall Stadium experience

The mailbag grows in volume as we enter week two.

So this is going to be a feature. We've quadrupled our mailbag input. It's a full four questions. Some good questions about Joel Stave, sartorial splendor and the best way to bring Camp Randall together for the family.

Or first question comes from Mike, a.k.a. @Kantwistaye.

Red pants, red helmet and the road white jersey. I know it's pretty much like the Nebraska road jersey. But that's a nice color combination and the one I support most.

The next two questions are related to Joel Stave. We've had our discussions on the site. But there's more aspects of Stave that need to be discussed. Question No. 2 comes from Matthew Milko.

Well, when Curt Phillips decided to let Bart Houston get game action? It seems to have brought a clear delineation into the race. It wasn't Joel Stave's best performance. But he got it together enough in the second half that Curt Phillips is your QB2.

The third question comes from returning champion Kyle Ashauer.

I liked Curt Phillips last season. He was able to put it together and make the Buckeyes and the Nittany Lions sweat. Some good special teams performances would have had him finish the year 4-1 as a starter. Phillips would be above the level of a Jim Sorgi-esque game manager if he was forced to start by injury or Stave falling apart.

The fact we don't have an answer for the question that's been boggling our team for the past 13 months means I want Jared Abbrederis to be bubble wrapped for all practices.

The last question of the mailbag is an intriguing one from Tom Walton.

This is a great question. They're like me, they're going to remember this for a long time to come. The three things I can think of off the top of my head.

1. The new scoreboard is a feature. I don't know the quality of seats you're going to have. But I'm sure their eyes are going to wander. Heck, my first game in the stadium, my eyes are going to wander. Don't get too upset.

2. If you don't get there early, there will be some dead time for you to walk around the stadium. Odds are, they're going to get antsy. Going and exploring a little before halftime will help the Camp Randall experience.

3. The first Jump Around experience. They're going to enjoy, at the very least, watching the stadium jump up and down.

Obviously, this is definitely one where the commenters are more than welcome to add further tips for the enjoyment of the Walton sons. And this will close #AskB5Q for this week.


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