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#AskB5Q: Curt Phillips, Columbus and "The Stops"

A discussion of the merits of Columbus, throwing your starters on special teams and a little reiteration.


Hello friends, and welcome to the conclusion of Rosin Week on Bucky's 5th Quarter with the return of Ask B5Q, your twitter mailbag extravaganza where I answer questions from readers like you.

This week? We get another trio of questions. Some serious, and some more comedic. We start with Nate T. Who wants to know about the special teams.

Well, when you have a talent such as Corey Clement who you really aren't expecting to get carries between the tackles this week, the need to pull out all the stops on special teams with starters does shrink. But that being said. We are likely to see Abbrederis shagging the lions share of the punts this week. And as that fake punt in the Arizona State game showed, Anderson's not above pulling something out from the bag of tricks.

Odds are I'd say 12 percent, but I wouldn't put it past them to try something sneaky and pull-out-all-the-stops on special teams. They've shown that they're not afraid to go vanilla and hold things back for important moments. But if you want to figure where the most trickeration's going to stem from? Dave Aranda's known for pulling some tricks out of his defense. There may be an entirely new look just for Saturday.

Our next question, comes from Drew Hamm. And apparently he doesn't like Columbus all that much.

Well, the ability to eat is a plus for Columbus, Ohio. Now that being said, Drew asked this. And he deserves an honest response. So I will give you the three reasons why that 1993 Mogadishu is a better choice than Columbus forever.

1) The sweet release of death comes quickly so you don't have to spend 80 years living in Ohio.

2) Piracy! Man, the only way you can be a pirate king in Ohio is by downloading a bunch of TV shows illegally.

3) Man, with a little hustle and a little ingenuity, you can find yourself in the position of Warlord. And that's just a resume builder there.

And our final question is from Matt Cain, who asks about the quarterback controversy, such as it is.

Now I assume you still have one more start to prepare for before your season ends so I'll point you to why Stave hasn't been as bad as you think, for the first thing. Secondly, what was a race between 1A and 1B all summer developed into a clear hierarchy the moment Phillps gave Bart Houston reps in the UMass game. Third, Joel Stave hasn't had a horrible game yet. He might have had a C-plus game when the rest of the offense was rolling, but there's been no 9 for 24 with 111 yards and three picks on his stat line yet. And that's where the calls for Curt Phillips would gain a foothold in places where people could make a change.

And finally, I'll apologize for making the joke you have clearly never heard before when I called you the Giants pitcher Matt Cain.

Anyway, that's the mailbag for this week. Next week? The dreaded bye week AskB5Q. Bye for now.