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#AskB5Q: Kenzel Doe and the starting 5

It's back. We're going to run the speculation station through the special teams and Wisconsin basketball.


Hi. The tales of why we didn't run a #ASKB5Q last week are many and too myriad mention. I'm going to write one up as a screenplay. So, you know what? Wait for the movie regarding last week.

This week? We have three questions. In fact, one's about basketball. But first, we'll have part one of a Chris Davis twin spin regarding the latest breaking news.

With Doe being out for the week, you have to figure there is going to be a battle between the freshmen Alex Erickson and Robert Wheelwright to play in the three-wide receiver sets. Doe's return game is almost completely speculation. The assumption is that Abbrederis is going to be returning punts. The kick returner is going to be interesting. You could well see Corey Clement or Jeff Lewis back returning kicks.

And if there's a mistake? We could always see one of the better athletes at cornerback coming back to return punts or kickoffs. Am I banging the drum for getting the ball in Jakarrie Washington's hands? Probably.

Next? The return of Kyle Ashauer and a discussion of the value of a win over Purdue Saturday.

If there's any meaning to this game, it's based on the professionalism question. This is a team coming off a stomach-punch of a loss last week and going into Columbus next week. If Wisconsin wins like, 28-20? This is a game that's going cause the Badger fans to call the Silversun Pickups because we're throwing the Panic Switch.

Anyway, this is really just a game that the Badgers should win. How they win is where you get the meaning.

And finally, we complete the Chris Davis sandwich with some pre-Midnight Madness thoughts about basketball.

Short answer? Yep.

Long answer: Bo Ryan gives a player time based on his defensive ability and ability not to follow. Vitto Brown will definitely find his way onto the floor. He may get to sixth-man status if he can be the Sensei of Swat without making too many fouls in the process. And Duje Dukan doing well would go a long way into helping the Badgers at the very least remain a team that can win enough to finish fourth in the Big Ten.

But Gasser, Jackson, Brust, Dekker, and Kaminsky. This is your starting five barring something strange happening.