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Early games open thread: What are you watching before Wisconsin vs. Arizona State?

The West Coast is making us weight until 9 p.m. CT tonight for Wisconsin football. Until then, what are you watching?

Mike McGinnis

I generally equate the late-night, "Oh man, they're making me stay up" crapittude with baseball. Especially as an East Coast guy by birth (sorry), when your team heads to, like, Oakland, you know there's a decent chance you're dozing off before the final out.

Or maybe that's just me. Regardless, I will be up for the full extent of tonight's West Coast action, when Wisconsin travels to Arizona State. We're sort of used to this in non-conference play, what with the ASUs and UNLVs and all coming about some years. But still, my point is simple: this stinks. I want my Badger football now, and I'm not very patient.

What are you watching to hold you over? My plan is UCLA-Nebraska right now, followed by Johnny Manziel-Bama and some channel-bouncing to follow. We'll also be here to get each through this interminable wait, so come watch with us!