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Report: Wisconsin vs. LSU to open 2014, 2016

After months of dancing, the Bayou Bengals and the Badgers look like they're finally going to meet.


You've heard rumors. Reports. Retracted reports. Wisconsin was about to step up and play another traditional SEC power in September. The Badgers and LSU, like two characters on a television show, were engaged in some will they, won't they tension. There were reports of just going to Houston, there were reports of just going to play at Lambeau Field.

Tonight, according to Scott Rabalis of the Baton Rouge Advocate, it looks like the answer is both.

Of course, the contract isn't official just yet. And there's always the possibility of something going caddywhompus and the deal not being finalized. But it looks like Barry Alvarez finally has that non-conference game he's been eyeing for all these months.