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B5Q Weekly: Week 1 Edition

Miss anything on B5Q, or looking to revisit anything we wrote this week? Here's the best and most relevant content entering Wisconsin's season-opener Saturday.

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We are almost there. Less than 24 hours 'till kickoff.

We tried to knock it out of the park this week in order to bring you everything you need to know and more about Wisconsin, UMass and whatever may happen Saturday at Camp Randall Stadium. But there was a lot, and not everyone needs multiple breakdowns of the Minutemen, quite possibly one of the worst teams in college football last year.

So here's a weekly feature we'll replicate every Friday, full of everything you'll definitely want to read before kick-off. As always, we welcome any feedback. On Wisconsin, y'all.

StoryStream: Week 1: UMass vs. Wisconsin

Perhaps this is cheating, but this is our stream for everything that's relevant to Saturday's Week 1 game. As of this posting, it has 22 articles, and that number will grow by a couple before kick-off.

Fifth Quarter Consensus: Badgers open Andersen era with win over Minutemen

The return of our weekly prediction piece, written by the great Jake Harris. Jake will keep track of our seven prognosticators' success (or lack thereof) each week and also share his thoughts on the upcoming game. At the bottom, you'll find out who holds the advantages in offense, defense, special teams, coaching and intangibles. Always a great read before the weekend.

KKSE Episode 8: Big Ten Football preview with ESPN's Adam Rittenberg

The first of two fantastic Kielbasa Kings podcasts by Jake and Scott this week. This one's with one of's Big Ten bloggers, Adam Rittenberg. Adam shares his outlook for Wisconsin this season, as well as a preview of the whole conference. Absolutely worth your time.

KKSE Episode 8.5: The voice of Wisconsin football, Matt Lepay

And the second of those podcasts, a special-edition show featuring the voice of Wisconsin football and basketball, Matt Lepay. Badgers fans will love this one especially.

B5Q reviews a Swedish PC game about badgers

I never expected B5Q to venture into video game reviewing, but then Shelter was announced. A Swedish PC game that has you play as a mother badger leading her pack of cubs through all sorts of wilderness, "Shelter" just looks so dang cool. Louis hit up the developers and got an advance copy to review, and what he ended up posting is a great read even if you're not a gamer. The studio, Might and Delight, also made us this cool graphic and shared some redeem codes for free games that may or may not still be available for use.

Wisconsin cornerbacks unproven, but confident entering Saturday's season-opener

Jason Galloway is one of our newer writers, but he's done a fantastic job getting out to practices and bringing us top-notch coverage. This story on the Badgers' young, untested secondary is a great look into the cornerbacks' mindset, and I think it's worth a second read even if you already saw it the first time 'round.