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Ask B5Q: Favorite section of Camp Randall Stadium?

In the debut of the Twitter Mailbag, the question comes down: Where are you most comfortable in Camp Randall?

A big Chris Chambers grab cemented my favorite spot in Camp Randall.
A big Chris Chambers grab cemented my favorite spot in Camp Randall.
Dilip Vishwanat

I like answering questions. I like answering questions a lot. It's a part of the joy of Twitter for me. I had an idea. We take that joy and we bring it to you at Bucky's 5th Quarter. I opened the floor for questions. And while the old mailbag isn't voluminous? It's definitely a jumping off point. For a game where the moneyline is minus-six figures in favor of the Badgers? A jump off is more than enough.

Kyle Ashauer gets this mailbag started.

Obviously there's a part of me that wants to say one of the sections in the north end zone. Finding yourself in the student section is definitely a special experience. Alas, I never was in the student section.

But that being said? There have been two truly special games where I don't have to be fibbing to say I was there. One was the first big win of the Barry Alvarez era. I've written about it, so I won't expound on it too much further. But the other one was on a cold, fall November late afternoon in 1998. The Badgers were coming off a loss to Michigan, but somehow, they just needed a win to get to the Rose Bowl.

Their opponents? The Penn State Nittany Lions, led by the delightfully-named Eric McCoo. And the Badgers' defense proved themselves worthy of the task. Tom Burke and Jamar Fletcher stifled Penn State and held them to only three points. There was a spectacular Chris Chambers touchdown and the Badgers we're going back to the Rose Bowl. Everybody was jumping around and we weren't yet told we were the worst Rose Bowl team ever by jerks like Craig James.

And where was I seated? In one of those kismet sections that you're only going to call me a liar for. Because the Badger fan who now writes for the Badgers? Sat in Section W both times.

I know. I know!

Anyway, this is a question that's rife for comments, so if you have a take on which section is your favorite? Feel free to drop a line in the comments section.


And if you're interested in having a question answered next week? Hit us up on Twitter @B5Q, hit me up on twitter @thegnc or if you don't want to get in my mentions, make sure you put in the #AskB5Q on your question so old lazybones like myself can find it.

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