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The top 5 rejected offseason blog ideas

With the season so close to here you can actually taste it, I thought it would be fun to look back at the five ideas I came closest to writing. Supposedly, you would miss these.

Could Beau Allen be in a WWE ring? Odds are no. But he's got that vibe.
Could Beau Allen be in a WWE ring? Odds are no. But he's got that vibe.

Guys. I know if you're local, it's going to feel like it's July until Labor Day. But guess what? Football's back. Real actual games despite the expectation for the first two weeks that we'll be seeing second-stringers get significant playing time. This means we're about to give you a leaner, meaner and more focused version of the content you've come to know and generally enjoy.

It also means that we're going to have to say goodbye to the summer blogging season, where there's a long time where there's no actual news and you have a tendency to get, shall we say, creative? Yeah, creative with post ideas. It is in that spirit I give you five ideas that were too beautiful to live.

1. The 10 best Badger fantasy football names

Why: You're all drafting your fantasy football teams this month, yeah? I'm sure a lot of you came down with the term "Biel With It" over the past few years. And you don't want to be that guy who referenced Aaron Hernandez in a league where someone else referenced Aaron Hernandez. That's not going to be great.

Why did I reject it? Because it's basically pun + pop culture reference = quality. I mean, "Abbrederis the Butchers" for the win.

2. Chase Knox: QBPI

Why: Because a noirish take on why exactly Bret Bielema left the Badgers would be interesting to me, and a walk-on quarterback is going to have the time to do it.

Why did I reject it? Because I don't do well with series. Also, there would have been dinosaurs.

3. A comparison of the Badgers to wrestlers in the WWE

Why? Because I like wrestling. As well as comparing things to other things. And if you think about it, Beau Allen has the same sort of build as a guy the WWE looks for. He could be Bray Wyatt's brother.

Why did I reject it? Someone would have said you like wrestling and thought less of me. Also, I've never felt that writer-blocked.

("So why haven't you written more?")


4. A post breaking down this Vine.

Why? Because Joe Mixon is great. That sort of agility gives him a chance to be a game changer from moment one.

Why did I reject It? Because it's going entirely too in-depth about recruiting. You don't want to be that guy. Though seriously, click the link. Dude's got skills.


Why? Because I think all caps is great. It's how I got over on Twitter. And I am a shouty person. If you met me, you'd understand all the Twitter caps locks

Why did I reject it? BECAUSE LONGFORM ALL CAPS IS EVEN MORE GIMMICKY THAN SHORTFORM. Also, look at the title. This was like a tenth-baked idea.

So there it is. The five best worst summer blog ideas, from me to you. This was a little insight into my process, maybe a little inside baseball. But this was necessary.

For games are coming and my brain needs clarity. Bad ideas and bad thoughts have to go. Hope is in the air!

And we're going to have some real fun.

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