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Monday's scrimmage: Crushing blow for Tanner McEvoy?

Tanner McEvoy may have taken himself out of the quarterback battle with his performance Monday.


The quarterback race continues to heat up in Madison and JUCO transfer Tanner McEvoy appears to practically be a non-factor following his performance in Monday's open scrimmage.

I still haven't returned to Madison, so unfortunately I wasn't able to take in the scrimmage, but just look at some media members' reactions:


Everything points to the fact it was a dreadful day for a player who brought much excitement when he transferred to UW. Although two-and-a-half weeks still remain until the start of the season, when Tom Oates pretty much calls the quarterback competition a two-man race, it's not a good sign for McEvoy. I fully trust Oates' takes, as he knows the Wisconsin football program better than anybody.

Now realistically, it would have been unfair to expect McEvoy to hit the ground running and earn the starting gig from the get-go. We knew his throwing mechanics would pose issues, but it's disheartening to read such poor reviews of him following only day seven of camp. I'll still reserve judgement because it's only Aug. 13 and I haven't watched him yet personally, but boy it appears it'll be a steep, uphill climb for the transfer quarterback at this point.

If you're curious to see head coach Gary Andersen's thoughts on McEvoy's development, here's what he had to say after Monday's scrimmage (or watch at 6:07 point in video):

"I think Tanner will really come into his own here next week," Andersen said. "That is Tanner’s responsibility to let that smooth out" -- referring to McEvoy over-thinking things.

"He is out there in turbulent waters right now. Hopefully in the next five or six days his mind will clear, the waters will smooth and he can go out and let his athletic ability and his mind take over. Again, the challenge for a quarterback is to gain the respect of the guys who are on the field with him; It's a very difficult position as we all know."

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