Watch This Watchlist: Chris Borland, Bednarik Award

CLICK TO EMBIGGEN. Chris Borland is a stud -- we know that. Yes, that is a link to the Borland leapslam. You should click it. We also know that he's most likely Wisconsin's most important defensive player. That's a weighty combo, and it's one that's landed the Badgers' senior linebacker on the Bednarik Award watchlist. The cutesy headline pun references the inherent silliness of these watchlists -- I think most of get that "watchlist listee" isn't an honor as much as it as an effort to get people talking about the award (this one's for college football's top defensive player) and fueling the good ol' hype matchine. Nothing wrong with that, of course -- let's just take these lists for what they are, insist CHRIS BORLAND WILL WIN THE BEDNARIK and move on.