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Badger Bits: 5th of July, Still Recuperating Edition

Given that this week in Wisconsin sports news has been relatively uneventful, this morning's Badger Bits will also be brief. Happy AMERICA weekend!

Tom Pennington

I hope everybody had a fantastic 4th of July. Wherever you experienced the festivities, I'm sure there were plenty of beers, fireworks and shouts of "AMERICA!" to go around. That's definitely how it was on my end.

Since it's been quiet in Badger Nation this week, I'll keep this short and get out of your way. However, there is an interesting new story developing in Lincoln, Neb., that I feel compelled to mention.

The University of Nebraska, and its Center for Brain, Biology and Behavior specifically, is full-steam ahead when it comes to establishing a new means of testing for concussions.

According to an article, Nebraska is working on a tool used for sideline concussion testing that would allow a player to have his head scanned and possibly back on the field in 10 minutes.

A player hit on the head would leave the field, take off his helmet and put on an electrode-covered mesh cap. This is just one of the projects CB3 (as it's called) is working on. Director Dennis Molfese believes in the ability of his brain-recording equipment.

"We can get an idea of what area of the brain is being involved in the process, whether the speed of processing is at a rate it should be," Molfese said. "The different areas of the brain that normally integrate information quickly stop doing that, so that's another way we should be able to pick up whether there is an injury or not."

Now, the article later states that such a device is still a year or two from being ready to use, but still, it's very intriguing.

Combating concussion problems is so essential for the future state of football, and it looks like Nebraska might be onto something with this 10-minute tester.

With player safety now the focal point in most decision-making at the NFL and collegiate levels, it's important that new ways of diagnosing concussions be found and backed by quantitative data.

I'll admit that I've never been a big fan of Nebraska. Heck, I even used to love the joke that the "N" on the football helmets stands for "knowledge." But I must admit, I'm proud that such advancement in concussion research is happening at a fellow Big Ten institution. Good on ya Huskers, good on ya.


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