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Keeping It Real with EA Sports NCAA Football 14

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Reality and Napoleon Hill with EA Sports.

Gregory Shamus

I've always considered myself a logical man. A man of science if you will. I usually don't take offense to video game companies. I usually don't take offense to metrics. EA Sports are serious about their metrics. And if you look at the Badgers in a vacuum? The ratings are fine. 88 overall's good for a tie for 4th, and looking at the schedule?

This is a ten win team to build off of if you're one of those people who plays for the deep recruiting options.

But this year? This year there were some things that I find myself in disagreement with. There are some rivals that seem to have been gifted with ratings that just do not jibe with me.

For one, how does Michigan State have a 90 offensive rating? That team that finished 97th in total offense with Le'veon Bell. Andrew Maxwell struggled at quarterback. They do have talent in the receiving corps, but there were severe problems for Maxwell in completing passes. Like Denard Robinson was more accurate levels of problems.

Then there's Iowa. They have a 90 defense and an offense of equal rating to Wisconsin's. Iowa was 4-8. Iowa was 117th on offense. They had a +12 turnover margin last year. On the question of if the Badgers are going to be better than Iowa? If I were one to make gentleman's wagers? I would make a handshake agreement that the Badgers would put considerable distance between themselves and the Hawkguys.

Is this sour grapes? Am I, as the kids would put it "butt hurt" about the fact that the ratings gods seem to prefer the fates of our rivals instead of our exclusive fates? Perhaps. Like I said, EA Sports is serious about their metrics.

But that's the beauty of video games. The teams reality is fluid. You don't have to take the fact that your rivals are getting a seemingly irrational amount of love lying down. EA Sports has given a lot of attention to the running game in NCAA Football 14. This fits into what the Badgers love to do.

They may be underrated. But that's only temporary. You can get really dangerous with your RB's #20 and #25. You can overcome the current lack of a second receiver. You can start Tanner McEvoy because video game option runs are beautiful things.

In short? EA Sports makes it real by making it better than real. You are the master of your team's destiny. You can make them however you want them to be.

And when I get NCAA Football 14? Melvin Gordon's getting all the Heismans.