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Badger Bits: Happy 4th of July, here are some Wisconsin football links

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Happy 4th of July. You guys are great. Here are some links.


In case you haven't figured it out, I don't write my biweekly Badger Bits segment as you read them, and I am in fact somewhere other than in front of a computer screen looking at a blinking cursor right now. Where that is, you don't know, but because today is our Independence Day, I'll give you pretty good odds that I am indulging in beer and pyrotechnics, or in the process of moving my being closer to a place where such activities are taking place. My forefathers may have wished this, though probably not. They gave me the means, anyhow, and for that I'm grateful.

I hope you're celebrating safely and happily, in whatever manner of your choosing. I really mean that, too. I like this little community. You guys say some really intelligent stuff, and somehow remain civil when you disagree with each other. You guys could be going full Yahoo! right now and start making snide comments about my French name or something. OTE is having problems with this right now. Or you could be like the senior citizen in the comments section of this Columbus Dispatch article, who TYPES LIKE THIS because WHO THE HELL KNOWS.

Good riddance. URBAN MEYER does not need these low character people, and frankly- I think he learned his lesson with AARON HERNANDEZ. I still pray and do not expect this young man will turn to a life of crime, even though he is clearly not a TRUE BUCKEYE. Woody said "Pay it Forward", and wouldn't have let him suit up, and thankfully neither will Urban. He is our coach, and he will NEVER recruit people with discipline problems. BRAXTON MILLER is our leader, and ALL CLASS, a TRUE BUCKEYE. I hate wasting first round draft picks, but I trust our coach to do what is right. if only THAD MATTA had the talents of Urban Meyer. -OH

Did you read that? That's an insane statement, made about the transfer of linebacker Luke Roberts. She later argues that Roberts transferred to Harvard because "he couldn't make the grade at OSU." These people exist and they frighten me. You aren't them, and not only that, but I think you're mostly all right people to be around probably.

So that's it. Thanks for being you. Below are some links that I think you might like. Happy 4th.


Maize n' Brew has had lots of Wisconsin stuff recently, including a review of the 2013 recruiting class and an interview with fearless leader.

Bret Bielema's sex shower.

Slate decided to reopen the Jarrod Uthoff wound.

BHGP did that disembodied head thing that I like so much.

There's a tomato growing out of Kyle Field's upper deck.