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Badger Bits: Abbreviated Hump Day Edition

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Happy Hump Day, y'all.

Ethan Miller

Apologies for the short notice, but this morning's Badger Bits is going to be a bit more brief than usual. You know, day job and all. It's Hump Day, though, so there's that.

Don't miss Nathan's latest WISCruiting Weekly roundup that went up this morning. Included are the latest commits and offers, plus updates on top targets Sean White, D.J. Gillins, Ryan Izzo and more. If Wisconsin could lock up at least two of the three guys named there, Gary Andersen & co. could dramatically boost the outlook for 2014 and beyond.


You may or may not have heard that the Big Ten recently removed former Badgers track star and Olympian Suzy Favor Hamiltion's name from its female athlete of the year award. Late last year, Favor revealed she had lived a double life as a high-end Las Vegas call girl. Tom Oates of the Wisconsin State Journal has a generally predictable "this shows athletes aren't role models" column, though it's still probably worth a read.

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer allegedly reported his former stomping grounds at Florida for an alleged recruiting violation the Gators didn't actually commit. Urb! As Peter Berkes points out, could you imagine a dreamer scenario for message board fan boys?

The one and only Bill Connelly is up to the Pac-12 in his phenomenal season preview series. Honestly, you don't even need to buy a preseason mag this year. Bill has you covered, for free. He'll get to the Big Ten later this summer.

'Crootin! Bud Elliott and Wescott Eberts have all the Elite 11 and The Opening news you could ever want over at SB Nation Recruiting. Start here, and thank me later.

Remember Maurice Clarett? The former Buckeyes running back's story is tailor-made for a "Where Are They Now?" story right around, well, now. Michael McKnight of Sports Illustrated has just that.