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Badger Bits: Tanner McEvoy mugging, Ohio State news set course for busy week

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Tanner McEvoy was the victim of a mugging over the weekend, the second on a high-profile UW athlete in a year. Is there a discussion to be had about Madison's safety, or are we simply dealing with two unfortunate but unconnected incidents?

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Wisconsin quarterback Tanner McEvoy victim of robbery in Madison | B5Q

Late Monday afternoon, a shocking release was sent out to Wisconsin media outlets. Tanner McEvoy, the JUCO transfer poised to challenge for the starting quarterback job come fall, was robbed early Sunday morning. Thankfully, and most importantly, McEvoy sustained "only" minor injuries and was able to resume his regular team activities on Monday. He was, of course, the victim of a robbery and what has to be an incredibly scary situation -- per the police report, McEvoy was struck in the head around 1:45 a.m. near the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and E. Dayton St. (right next to the Capitol) and his wallet, watch and iPhone were stolen. Witnesses reported seeing four suspects flee toward the square.

The situation, again, is scary and something you'd hope wouldn't happen anywhere, let alone a place we all love. But while McEvoy certainly isn't as recognizable on campus as Montee Ball was when he was attacked last August, you'd think a 6-foot-6, 215-pound football player wouldn't be a natural target for a mugging.

Of course, we said that after Ball's attack, too, so I guess here's the question we need to ask: Are there viable concerns about the safety of downtown Madison? We don't know if McEvoy was targeted -- police are currently investigating the incident as a random occurrence, so probably not -- and while it obviously gets dark at night at that part of town, it's still downtown Madison we're talking about. Some, like Tom Oates of the Wisconsin State Journal, seem like they think so:

It's hard to argue with that sentiment, and it's definitely more logical than whatever this guy was talking about. Do we need a "wake-up call," though? Perhaps UW athletes do, or all students with tendencies to enjoy Madison's nightlife late into the following morning do, not in the vein of needing to change their actions but in just generally striving to be safer?

I don't know, but this story feels like it warrants further discussion.

2013 Northwestern football's 10 things to know: Breakthroughs and peaks | SB Nation

Bill Connelly continues his trek through the Big Ten, previewing Northwestern today. He, like many of us, isn't really sure how good the Wildcats were last year or how good they will be this year, but I think we all agree they should be fun to watch.

But I can say this: If Northwestern can improve to just top-20 or top-25 level, there are a lot more wins to be found this fall. Ohio State, Michigan, and Michigan State all visit Evanston, and while trips to Wisconsin and Nebraska await (and it should be noted that the season opener against Cal's new Air Raid in Berkeley could be quite difficult for a team with a minimal pass rush and thin secondary), this schedule has certainly taken shape rather favorably. A top-20 team could go 10-2; but a top-40 team could go 6-6. Which one is Northwestern?

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Big Ten Media Days begin Wednesday, and Corn Nation tries to get ahead of the game by brainstorming some questions that should be asked. Of course they won't, but that doesn't mean this won't be fun.

NCAA Football 14 Uniform Update 1 |

Some of you might know what DLC is or care at all about video games, but if you do: you'll soon be able to download Wisconsin's 2013 adiZero gloves with the Motion 'W' on the inside of the palms. Pretty cool. You'll also get a couple more jerseys (not sure how these'll be different than what's already in there), plus the addition of the red "Rose Bowl only" pants.

Carlos Hyde, Bradley Roby headline rough news day for Ohio State, Urban Meyer | Land-Grant Holy Land

Ohio State had a very busy, not-at-at-all-the-good-kind Monday, but LGHL did a fantastic job with its coverage, blending quick news hits and reaction pieces into this Storystream. It'll be the place to follow for any more OSU news in this regard moving forward.