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J.J. Watt completes 59.5-inch box jump, may take flight soon

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J.J. Watt is jumping on top of tall things and jumping into our hearts in the process.

Gregory Shamus

Here's a Friday conundrum for you: Who is Wisconsin football's greatest NFL ambassador? The current candidates are Russell Wilson and J.J. Watt (with Montee Ball rising as a darkhorse). Wilson was up for Rookie of the Year honors, has become a regular face around Madison and is doing his part for charity. Watt turned in one of the all-time great seasons for a defensive player in the NFL, and can't say no to sick children.

If both players continue on their current career trajectories, they could become Wisconsin's fourth and fifth players to be enshrined in Canton, Ohio, joining Arnie Herbel, Crazylegs and Mike Webster. Watt may have an advantage over Wilson, however. Namely, he can launch himself off our planet's surface with incredible force:

Watt is 6'5 289 pounds and could easily jump on my shoulders, in what would be the most ill-advised circus act ever conceived. Previously, the internet went gaga over Watt's 55-inch box jump when he was a nearly 300-pound first round NFL Draft hopeful. At this rate, he should be able to clear a grandfather clock by 2020. Watt is getting trimmer and stronger, and that should be a horrifying thought for NFL quarterbacks. I'm kind of scared and I like the guy.

In terms of pure fun, professional football can't compete with the amateur version. Seeing Wilson and Watt do ludicrous things makes the NFL a hell of a lot more enjoyable than it otherwise would be, however. If their success trickles down to to Wisconsin in terms of positive exposure and a sexier recruiting profile, then all the better.