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Badger Bits: More heaping praise for Gary Andersen

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Much more praise for Gary Andersen, this time from former Utah State and Wisconsin players.


Wisconsin football has a new head coach. His name is Gary Andersen. People like him. These are things we know as fact, because we have been presented with evidence on a near-daily basis. The Wisconsin State Journal published Exhibit Z on Sunday:

Two of Maragos' teammates with the Seattle Seahawks, running back Robert Turbin and linebacker Bobby Wagner, played under Andersen at Utah State.

"They love him," said Maragos, a former UW safety who is a backup free safety and special teams contributor with the Seahawks. "They said he's a defensive mastermind. They said he's one of the most genuine guys you'll meet; he's absolutely phenomenal, family-oriented, take the shirt off his back for you.

"I said, ‘Honestly, that's not a surprise,' knowing what it's like with the Wisconsin culture, just knowing the type of people they're trying to get in here."

Former Badgers Cecil Martin and Bill Ferrario also chime in, saying essentially the same things. Perhaps the glowing testaments aren't unexpected -- if newspapers are good at anything it's bothering people for milquetoast quotes for fuzzy people pieces -- but I'm glad those testaments exist and could probably fill several sports sections on their own. It's a good sign that these profiles are so easy to write.

Also, take note for your next job interview:

Andersen is confident enough in his "Plan to Win" that when he was interviewed by Alvarez, he brought along a 41-page booklet detailing that plan.


More on Austin Hudson. With his other offers coming from Holy Cross, Florida Tech and Jacksonville State, it's safe to say Hudson is flying under the radar. His athleticism is certainly elite, if the numbers reported from Wisconsin's camp can be trusted.

He also ran the pro agility drill (5-10-5 format) in 3.99 seconds and had jump of 10 feet, 7 inches in his first broad jump ever.

In addition to the physical skills, Hudson is smart. He plans to graduate early and enroll at UW in January.

Assuming the 5-10-5 agility drill is the same as the 20-yard shuttle, that 3.99 would have put him in elite company at the NFL Combine. The broad jump and 4.49 40-yard dash backs up the explosiveness. Who the heck knows if he does other stuff well, but at least the young man can run.

WSJ on Russell Wilson's trip to Madison.

Michigan will be kicking the tires on a dynamic ticket pricing system. The idea is a good one, in theory, if it means reduced prices for bouts against Directional Techs. In practice, the athletic department may just mark up the price for marquee tickets and leave the price floor at current face value. This is kind of gross:

To give you an idea of how Michigan plans to leverage individual game's viewing attractiveness to raise prices, consider the following expected initial dynamic prices for end zone tickets: Central Michigan ($70), Nebraska ($110), Ohio State ($175).

Remember that big, long thread discussing whether the Camp Randall experience is in decline? Something like this coming to Madison probably wouldn't help.

Howard's Rock vandalized by ... a Clemson fan? (Teenager part makes sense, we were all young once, yadda yadda).