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Badger Bits: Athlon's preseason All-Big Ten picks

Three Badgers make the site's all-conference predictions for the 2013 season.


Brace yourselves. During summertime college football coverage is characterized by perpetual speculation and predictions, so today's list is only the beginning. By the time the award watchlists begin to make their appearances, you'll be begging to for the actual games to start.

With that, lets take a look at Athlon's preseason All-Big Ten picks.

Wide receiver Jared Abbrederis, defensive tackle Beau Allen and linebacker Chris Borland were the three Badgers to make the cut. UW fans won't be surprised to see these guys in Athlon's predictions, as Abbrederis and Borland have been as consistent as anyone in the conference at their respective positions the past few seasons, and Allen's ceiling remains high after an impressive junior campaign.

The site could've also thrown in the likes of running back Melvin Gordon, safety Dezmen Southward and linebacker Ethan Armstrong, but you'll often see these sort of predictions stick with safer bets than stretch for sleepers with plenty of potential. But again, predictions are predictions, so we'll take them for what they're worth.


Seattle lineman John Moffitt gets handed a hefty fine for his ongoing public urination issues. (Although legal troubles aren't humorous, you can't tell me this doesn't sound funny when you read it to yourself).

Student tickets for UW football sold out in just under two hours. And let me tell you, it was just as much of a pain — if not more because of slow server issues — than always.

Replacing legendary Wisconsin track and field coach Ed Nuttycombe will be a difficult task, Andy Baggot writes.

Rich Rod and his Arizona coaching staff are so serious about reaching the Rose Bowl they made a corny — but surprisingly well-produced — video to prove it. Heads up: Rich Rod sports a red bandana and cigar.

No surprise here but in the Monday mailbag,'s Brian Bennett sees Wisconsin/Ohio State as a potential landing spot for College Gameday this season:

Bratwurst from Milwaukee writes: Rank your top 3 games including at least one B1G team that could appear on College Gameday. Conference or non-conference matchups?

Brian Bennett: Mmm ... bratwurst. Sorry, lost my train of thought there for a moment. We ran a poll last week on the most important Big Ten game, and not surprisingly, Ohio State at Michigan won out. That's always going to be huge, and if the Buckeyes are undefeated and Michigan is having a great season, it could very well be a "GameDay" selection. My top three would also include Nebraska at Michigan on Nov. 9 and Wisconsin at Ohio State on Sept. 28. Those two games could decide the division championships and should have great atmospheres, with or without Chris, Lee, Kirk, Desmond and the gang.