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NCAA Football 14: Top 10 Wisconsin player ratings revealed

A receiver not modeled after Jared Abbrederis is the Badgers' top-rated player, while two running backs that are in no way representations of James White and Melvin Gordon are also both 86s and up.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Earlier this week, we discussed Wisconsin's 88 overall rating in the upcoming NCAA Football 14 videogame. Thursday, Operation Sports published videos of several teams' top 10 highest-rated players. Our bud @PlannedSickDays from Black Heart Gold Pants did some yeoman's work in screenshotting the ratings of several notable teams, including our dearly beloved Badgers.

The ratings are surefire conversation-starters, largely because they're usually quite crappy. EA Sports, quality/reputation issues aside, doesn't really care since it all gets us talking about the game. Presumably, that means we'll buy it. The game as a whole is relatively stable from year to year, though some changes pending for this latest edition seem kind of cool.

Experience a whole new game in NCAA Football 14 with the introduction of real-time physics and the Force Impact system. Gameplay has also been tuned with the college game in mind, with special attention paid to collegiate staples like the Spread Option offense.

The new and improved Infinity Engine 2 comes to NCAA Football, bringing with it renewed authenticity and enhanced realism.

Back to the ratings, Wisconsin's top 10 is generally what you'd expect -- until you get to about the middle. Wide receiver Jared Abbrederis, linebacker Chris Borland, running back James White and safety Dezmen Southward round out the top four, with ratings that are probably fair and relative to their individual standings on the team.

But, uhh, looks who comes next. Kicker Kyle French with an 88 overall? The fifth-highest rating goes to a guy who might not even start, and not even due to the presence of quality depth at the position. Then the punter, Drew Meyer? SMH.

Naturally, these things don't really matter. But they're fun to talk and gripe about for a few hours, serving to remind us that real football (the non-pixelated kind) isn't so far away anymore.

WR Jared Abbrederis 93 92 61 89 95 80 77
LB Chris Borland 91 79 80 77 77 95 48
RB James White 89 91 69 87 92 90 84
S Dezmen Southward 88 89 67 87 93 96 75
K Kyle French 88 56 52 56 60 80 37
P Drew Meyer 88 66 64 65 71 72 34
DT Ethan Hemer 87 70 88 73 79 82 42
TE Jacob Pedersen 87 80 71 81 86 93 77
CB Peniel Jean 86 93 57 90 89 84 59
RB Melvin Gordon 86 88 68 87 92 75 83

*Not actually representing these players, of course.