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Badger Bits: What will be the X Factor for Wisconsin football?'s Big Ten blog has been choosing an X Factor for each Big Ten team, and yesterday, it covered the Badgers.

Mike McGinnis

Remember Dante Hall of the Kansas City Chiefs? One of the best return men in NFL history, which earned him the "X Factor" moniker? When that's your nickname, it's obvious you're one of the best X Factors in the game.

However, X Factors don't necessarily have to posses the ability to take the ball 95 yards down the sideline on any given kickoff. The Big Ten blog is in a series of choosing an X Factor for each school Big Ten school during the upcoming season. In the most recent video, blogger Brian Bennett believes the new 3-4 defensive scheme will be Wisconsin's X Factor in 2013. Watch the video for his justification and how it provides a new element for opposing offenses to prepare for.

Do you agree with Bennett? Or do you believe the eventual quarterback will be the X Factor? Maybe the receiving corps? Or even a specific player such as safety Dezmen Southward or quarterback Tanner McEvoy? Let us know what you think


While no former UW players remain in the NHL playoffs, there are still two Badgers connections to the Stanley Cup finals.

Jesse Temple of Fox Sports Wisconsin chronicles the tale of quarterback Danny O'Brien, who just opted to leave the Wisconsin program.

If you missed it: Mike pointed it out yesterday, but Tom Mulhern provides a detailed breakdown of how the UW football team will workout this summer.

This time it's Jen, not Bret, Bielema who's turning heads on the Internet.

Who will lead the Big Ten in receiving this upcoming season?

While the Badgers kick off fall with a doozy against UMass, Tom Dienhart sees Northwestern/Cal as the best Week 1 game in the conference.