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Badger Bits: Camp Randall Stadium has a big new scoreboard

Wisconsin's new scoreboard is obscenely large.

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Last week's discussion of the Camp Randall gameday experience was fun and lively. The near-consensus was that Wisconsin needs to bring in more marquee opponents to ensure an unforgettable atmosphere. Unfortunately, the next couple years look a little lean in terms of must-see games.

So while we wait for the Big Ten scheduling department to do Wisconsin fans a solid, the athletic department is busy upgrading the peripheries.

Meet Camp Randall's new video board:

And an appendage to Kellner Hall:

The new scoreboard is a spiffy thing for fans, and I'm sure it will be a point of pride at the next round of meetings among B1G brass. More importantly, Melvin Gordon and James White will have a better view of the defenders they're leaving behind on their way to the end zone.

Correction: The first version of this story stated dimensions of the new scoreboards, as well as that the Kohl Center would be getting a new scoreboard hanging over midcourt. That information came from an outdated press release from May 26, 2004, that was mistakenly interpreted as new. The original references to the scoreboard dimensions and the Kohl Center have been removed from the story; the Kohl Center will not be receiving a new scoreboard, though a spokesman from Athletic Communications tells us a new control center for the scoreboards at both the Kohl Center and Camp Randall Stadium has been built inside the Kohl Center. A formal press release on the new scoreboards at Camp Randall has not been issued. We apologize for the error.


Andy Baggot wonders why hockey attendance is down. It could be all of the early defections to the NHL. Or beer.

Wisconsin extends the contracts for eight coaches.

Evan Simon, Wisconsin football's new strength coach, is changing things up:

Lifts are limited to one hour and in addition to building power and strength, there is an added emphasis on flexibility, range of motion and stretching, which Borland said paid dividends on the practice field. Andersen also puts a priority on preventative care, with the slogan, "Pre-hab to prevent rehab."

"I believe we've seen results already," Simon said. "It doesn't mean injuries won't happen. ... Coach Andersen puts a big emphasis on it because he believes that's one of the biggest components of our program. Other programs probably have a similar emphasis, but who knows from the top down if the head coach is stressing the importance of it that we do."

Penn State got themselves a pretty good QB.

EDSBS takes Jim Delany off the enemies list.

Buckeyes, Wildcats are overvalued according to math.

Colorado recruit says stupid, awful things on Twitter.

Hella old school football is fascinating.

Tat scandal memorabilia up for bid.

Gabe Carimi trade to the Buccaneers.