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The Speculation Station: Could Jakarrie Washington be switching positions?

With the addition of Tekeim Reynard to the recruiting class of 2013, there may be an answer to an offensive question currently within the secondary.

Mike Kearney/Everett Advocate

I have no empirical evidence to back this claim, but I get the feeling there's going to be a position move going into the fall. We all know that there hasn't been a second receiver that has found himself seaworthy. And this is a race where there's a wide-open question as we're going into fall.

What if I told you we could have an unexpected contender for the position?

Now if you don't have a short-term memory problem, and apologies if you do, you know I'm going to actively wonder if maybe Jakarrie Washington is going to move positions. There are plenty of reasons as to why this could be the case. I can give you at least five good ones.

1. Washington's running fourth on the depth chart in terms of incoming cornerback.

Sure, the position is pretty wide-open on the depth chart for your coin-based cover guys, but with Reynard? There are now three incoming cornerbacks who have either A) On-field experience or B) Repetitions on the field for the Badgers. Now, it's entirely possible that Keelon Brookins or Sojurn Shelton are going to be redshirted. Familiarity breeds contempt after all.

But that being said? There are seven corners on the Badgers that currently have more collegiate experience than Jakarrie Washington.

2. The post-signing day signing wasn't a wide receiver.

This was what you expected, right? And all the news coming from the wide receiver position from April was either injuries, a redemption story cut short by injury or generally nothing good. They were running Abbrederis and tight ends in a spread formation by the end of the month.

I mean, a JUCO lineman could have been a possibility; the depth questions were there as well. But they went to cornerback. A position where they got two of the most well-regarded players out of their recruiting class. Not to say that it's not a position where a dude with game experience wouldn't help a lot.

Just, you would have figured this wasn't the position that needed the most help.

3. He was a major offensive weapon in high school.

10.5 yards per touch. He went for a touchdown a little over every four times he had the ball in his hands. Jakarrie was a home run hitter back in Everett. And he was able to put up yardage, which is the most important part of sports, every time he touched the ball.

As such? If there were to be a move in order, Washington would move back to the side of the field where he was most dominant.

4. He's modeled his game after DeSean Jackson.

Let's double back to the Boston Globe's report when Washington signed with the Badgers.

"They said they like my speed and quickness," said the 5-foot-10-inch, 180-pound Washington, who will likely play cornerback for the Badgers with a chance to return kickoffs and punts. "I want to be [Philadelphia Eagles receiver] DeSean Jackson. He's just the pretty boy on the field, the flashiest person. He brings the excitement to the game."

Does it mean anything? Maybe? Maybe not. Cornerbacks have had long careers making flashy plays. But it's explicit that he's modeled himself as a wide receiver. It's a position the Badgers aren't going into fall with the most secure feelings about.

And there's one major reason why he would potentially do well right away.

5. That uncoachable speed.

Jakarrie Washington is fast. He can turn on the jets like few others can. And in a conference where the more-quick-than-fast tall receiver is the norm? A good exception can make his way onto the field quickly.

He doesn't know the entire route tree? 4.41 speed means he can get by starting with only two routes. Jared Abbrederis gets doubled? 4.41 speed and one-on-one coverage is a bet most fans would take.

Does this mean anything's going to happen? No. There's a reason why I threw in a qualifier and a question mark. I was just thinking out loud. And the more I thought this out, the more it made sense. It excited me a little, too.

I mean, we've all seen Stave's deep ball. Washington on the other end of the line could very well be a thing of beauty.