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Badger Bits: At least you're not a Gopher

Our friends at Off Tackle Empire remind us why you're lucky to not support the maroon and gold.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Memorial Day has come and gone, marking the symbolic "start" of summer, even if the weather still isn't cooperating. Wisconsin head coach Gary Andersen and his staff continue to work hard on the recruiting trail around the country (more to come tomorrow in the next edition of WISCruiting Weekly), but while college athletics are put on the back burner and humid summer days and baseball take over, one thing remains the same.

I'll keep it short and sweet today, but whenever life's not going your way -- particularly in sports -- just remember, at least you're not a Gopher.


One UW lineman in particular has much to prove this fall.

Tough to believe this happened two years ago already on Memorial Day.

A nice Q&A with Evan Flood of 247Sports, who provides us all great content and breaking news on UW recruiting. Interesting tidbit: Flood says people are overlooking the loss of David Gilbert to the Wisconsin football program.

Former Badger lineman Kevin Zeitler has the right approach to the NFL.

We usually don't post stories twice on here but this one bears another shout out. Louis posted this Grantland piece last week on the 20 types of depressed sports fans, and if you missed it, it's absolutely phenomenal. Hailing from Minnesota, I'm sure I've been almost every one of these at one point or another in my life.

While tailgating at Camp Randall may not consist of prototypical massive parking lots surrounding a stadium, we all know it's still one of the best experiences you'll find across the country. For that, Madison makes Food and Wine's list of top tailgating cities in the America.