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Badger Bits: The Gary Andersen regime's recruiting approach

Wisconsin football has truly spread its recruiting efforts from coast to coast so far this offseason.


Over the last few weeks, we've introduced (or really, reintroduced) a series called "WISCruiting Weekly," in which I cover everything UW recruiting from the past week. With the football offseason in full swing and the summer weather FINALLY taking over, there's been a lack of headlines for UW football and basketball, so I figured I'd point out something interesting I've noticed from covering recruiting.

Gary Andersen and his new coaching staff have truly covered the country in their recruiting efforts, and at least in the past month, they've focused primarily on the state of Georgia. Below I've listed a breakdown of recruiting by state, combining the scholarship offers and coaching visits over the past four weeks (so there is a little overlap if a player was offered a scholarship and visited by a coach over the past four weeks).

Top 10 states:

Georgia: 26

Ohio: 11

Illinois: 8

Florida: 8

California: 6

Pennsylvania: 6

New Jersey: 5

Virginia: 5

Michigan: 4

Arizona: 3

Every coaching staff brings a different approach to recruiting, and although the Badgers have only snagged one out-of-state commit for their 2014 recruiting class thus far, it's interesting to see where they've spent the most time recruiting in the past month.


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